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BEONESPARK [Check latest guide & review articles]

For five days in April 2013, Creators from all over the world will showcase projects for a chance to score funding via a $250,000 crowdfund (distributed by public vote) and immediate individual investments.

Get in on the One Spark action. Register today and submit one or more entries. Get picked up by a Venue and gain access to exhibition space, global promotion, and public and private funding opportunities. Whatever your discipline – art, music, science, technology – One Spark provides the platform to launch big ideas and take projects to the next level and beyond.

How To Register

Regardless of medium, if you create things, you’re a Creator. All you need to register is an idea, work-in-progress, or finished project, plus the $45 non-refundable registration fee (waived for students with valid .edu emails). Sign up and submit your entry by January 31, 2012.

You don’t have to live in Jacksonville, Florida to submit an entry. One Spark is open to Creators all over the world. To participate in One Spark, you must attend the event. View Eligibility and Creator Rules.

How You Will Showcase Your Project

Regardless of what your entry consists of, One Spark is the perfect platform to showcase it. For example, depending on the Venue and your project of course, you can hang a painting or series of paintings on a wall, you can verbally present your idea (set up a daily presentation schedule), you can operate a robot in a hallway or display an amazing art installation in an outdoor venue. Get creative with it! Whatever your project or idea consists of, One Spark provides many ways to show it off.

Tell your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues about the event. If you know fellow Creators, encourage them to register by January 31, 2013.