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Yes I Did, LLC

Yes I Did celebrates each other through inspirational accounts, shared experiences and a collective effort to create a more positive world.

Funding Goal



The first phase of funding will go towards creating a series of Yes I Did! Talks throughout the First Coast that are free for the public attend. Funds would then be used to develop and produce these talks to highlight the speakers into an exciting and engaging on line web series. The series will feature people sharing their incredible stories of overcoming challenges and adversity to inspire others. We want to make these stories accessible to schools, churches and anyone who needs to be inspired by others! The second phase of funding (which could and should coincide with the first phase given sufficient funding) would Brand Building and Break-Even Analysis | Developing a powerful consumer brand can be an expensive and timely undertaking. We believe our leadership team, core message, market timing, business strategy and low break-even requirements will help us build a long term, sustainable brand and return our investor's capital within two
years. Our revenue streams will initially be generated through product
and apparel sales, speaking fees, Yes I Did campaign licensing fees and
charitable donations. Any additional funds would be used to continue to advertise and market the events and web series on an international level.

About Project

My name is Dana Edmonds, I am an Educator, wife and mother who is on a mission to create a more positive world by creating a platform where people can share their experiences to inspire others. So often when something tragic or painful happens - the first thing we wonder is "why?" While we don't have the answer, we want to provide an opportunity for people to use what happened to educate, inspire and encourage others. It helps those who hear the message and helps heal the person sharing the message. I want to stop the constant barrage of negativity that beats so many of us down each and every day! I want One Spark to be the Spark that ignites the need for us to share inspiration, courage and kindness. I have created a wonderful social media campaign where every day people are posting the most amazing stories of overcoming incredible challenges to create a more positive and loving world! We have upcoming events where you can hear these stories in person and an amazing social media campaign through Face Book and Twitter where you can read them and share your own! You never know whose life you might change!

Project Showcase Proposal

We will showcase an engaging and inspiration booth that will showcase several of our amazing inspirational stories - large photos with portions of their profiles. We will also provide a large board where attendees can write and share their own stories or tell us about a person who inspired them. This will be colorful, informative and an opportunity for attendees to participate. We will also have a photo opportunity where people can write their "Yes I Did!" moment on a large, colorful board and we will take their picture for our social media campaign. We will also have volunteers sharing some of our Yes I Did! branded promotional products to help share the message and educate the community about this initiative.

Project Showcase Requirements

Indoor/Outdoor Est. Dimensions
Length: n/a Width: n/a Height: n/a

Project Questions

What city is your project based out of?


What sets your Project apart from what is currently available?

Yes I Did! is a unique initiative that provides a platform for people to share their experiences and create a positive outcome by helping others. There is so much negative messaging in our daily lives that Yes I Did! combats that by showcasing actual everyday people who have done seemingly extraordinary things just by surviving, overcoming and becoming the hero of their own lives. We are on a mission to celebrate the human spirit!

Why are you and your team the best people on the planet to handle this project?

Because I have a God given inspiration and passion for Yes I Did! From the first day these words came to me I have been driven by a force greater than me. People have rallied around these three simple words and offered support, encouragement and direction so that we can take this effort to the next level and truly make an impact. We are the best team on the planet because we are driven with the passion and purpose to make this a reality!