Interactive Art for the Senses: Integrated Lighting System in sync with our Metalagram®

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Interactive Art for the Senses: Integrated Lighting System in sync with our Metalagram®

No. 20222

Shinkle Fine Art, LLC

Multi-sensory interactive art: Metalagram® Experiences with prototype integrated lighting system and also with theatre lighting

Funding Goal



We are creating the future now - interactive art for the senses. We will use the funds to further develop our art: a multi-sensory interactive experience with a lighting system prototype in sync with our metal art. The prototype will replicate theatrical lighting and more. We will also use the funds to exhibit our multi-sensory Metalagram® Experience at One Spark using theatrical lighting in sync with our metal art; for viewers to enjoy and realize our prototype's potential. With the assistance of One Spark funds our art for the senses can then be made available for viewers and collectors.

About Project

I’m Teddy Shinkle, part of a Mother/Son collaborative artist duo. A 2010 vision, classic training and self-teaching enabled us to create a new art medium. We've trademarked our creation Metalagram® and have a patent pending. We etch, engrave, grind, treat and distress raw sheets of metal, and then print our copyrighted photographic images to coincide with our artwork on 2D metal. The representational yet surreal quality of our Metalagram® art is born from the combination of the stylized metal and our images printed onto the metal. Each piece is one of a kind and interactive with light. We've recently added light, sound & tactile components in sync with our metal art creating new interactive multi-sensory art; we call this the Metalagram® Experience.

We have a prototype integrated lighting system that works in sync with our metal art to create the Metalagram® Experience. At ArtPrize 2013 we sucessfully created the Metalagram® Experience, our metal art "Through the Trees" in sync with theatrical lighting. Our goal is to exhibit and further develop our prototype in sync with our metal art creating new interactive art for the senses. We will use a Jacksonville image in sync with the prototype at One Spark. Once fully developed our Metalagram® Experience will be made available to collectors seeking revolutionary interactive multi-sensory art. We will also exhibit the “Through the Trees” Metalagram® Experience, customized for Jacksonville, with external lighting. This will show the impact and potential of the Metalagram® Experience to be developed with One Spark funding.

Project Showcase Proposal

We will display the Metalagram® Experience "Through the Trees" customized for Jacksonville in sync with external theatrical lighting. We will also display our new interactive art using a Jacksonville image in sync with our prototype integrated lighting system recreating the theatrical lights. The integrated lighting system Metalagram® Experience will be interactive while being viewed - viewers will be able to select lighting and sound in real time while viewing our Metalagram® art, thereby participating in the creation of their Metalagram® Experience. Viewers will also collaborate by creating the first layer of a Metalagram® on sheets of 2D metal by using our stylizing tools we developed - this will become part of a future Metalagram® Experience to ultimately be shown at ArtPrize 2014.

Project Showcase Requirements

Indoor/Outdoor Est. Dimensions
outdoor Length: 25.' Width: 15' Height: 12.'

Project Questions

What city is your project based out of?

Detroit, Michigan

What sets your Project apart from what is currently available?

We exhibited at ArtExpo New York 2012 and not only were we the only ones making this kind of innovative art, but we were written about as original creators in an Associated Press article about the Show.

Our Metalagram® Experience is interactive in creation and production. We have a patent pending on our original art and have registered a trademarked name for it - Metalagram®. We have researched lighting systems currently available and none of them are capable of interfacing with our Metalagram® to make an entirely new art form that is alive, multi-sensory and interactive with the viewer. Our unprecedented prototype lighting system integrated and in sync with our Metalagram® metal art takes its viewers on a memorable experience into the future of art.

Why are you and your team the best people on the planet to handle this project?

My team and I are the only ones to do this because we created the Metalagram® and the interactive multi-sensory Metalagram® Experience. It all started with an idea, and after a lot of hard work we've successfully created this new medium which we’ve trademarked, have a patent pending, and have been successfully selling to numerous collectors. We’ve won several distinguished awards and recognitions including the top award for Innovation, Technology & Design at the Beverly Hills, CA Art Show Spring 2013, selected to hang the Metalagram® Experience in the Permanent Collection main gallery at Cranbrook Institute of Science Museum, Bloomfield Hills, MI 2014, selected one of Top 10 by Arrow Five Years Out Art Challenge/ Cherry Creek Art Festival, Denver, CO 2014, selected by "Art Business News: one of "Top 50 Artists To Watch 2012", published in "International Masters of Photography, Vol. I" 2012, exhibited in national and international museums, garnered national and international collectors and have additional accomplishments.