We Deliver By Bike! What's Not To Like?

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We Deliver By Bike! What's Not To Like?

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Community Couriers of Jacksonville

Community Couriers is a sustainability based personal shopping & restaurant delivery service proudly serving Jacksonville's urban core.

Funding Goal



Community Couriers of Jacksonville will apply all One Spark funding towards the legal counsel & professional fees required to grow & expand, and take on additional couriers. We also seek funding for public relations, promotions, & advertising, as well as a professionally created website and mobile app.

About Project

I'm Ben Wilson, a Riverside resident since 1973, and a Class of '94 UNF graduate. As an avid commuter cyclist who served for over 12 years with a leading supermarket chain, I have combined my professional skill & personal passion in an effort to serve our community and benefit the environment in which we reside, all while doing what I love most; riding my bike!

In March 2013, Community Couriers of Jacksonville was launched as a sustainability based grocery shopping and restaurant delivery service created just for the urban core.

Our vision is simple and we hope to accomplish the following:

• Serve our neighbors in the community which we reside by offering an affordable, time-saving grocery shopping service, and a “no minimum order ” restaurant delivery service.

• Help other local small business to grow and thrive by allowing them to offer their customers the convenience of delivery without the overhead of an additional employee, or the expense of a delivery vehicle.

• Benefit the environment by offering this service without adding to the pollution, traffic, and parking issues that would be compounded by putting yet another delivery vehicle on the road.

• Earn an honest wage while riding bikes!

Community Couriers of Jacksonville strives to grow and expand, ultimately creating eco-friendly jobs in our community for others who share the same passion.

Project Showcase Proposal

Our Creator Booth will display our main delivery cycle, accompanied by it's 5 foot, 300lb capacity trailer with signage. We will talk to anyone who will listen to us about our project, and answer any questions there may be. We will give away misc. promotional materials and also hold contests and/or drawings for t-shirts & water bottles, etc. We will also have a Power Point Presentation looping in the background.

Project Showcase Requirements

Indoor/Outdoor Est. Dimensions
outdoor Length: 10' Width: 10' Height: 6'

Project Questions

What city is your project based out of?


What sets your Project apart from what is currently available?

There are very few grocery shopping services operating in Jacksonville, and even fewer that are committed to sustainability.

Our grocery shopping & restaurant delivery service functions solely by bicycle. Our green system not only minimizes air pollution & road congestion making our neighborhoods safer for other cyclists and pedestrians, it eases some of the parking issues that have become so prevalent within the urban core.

In addition, bicycles are significantly less expensive than a fleet of motorized vehicles in terms of maintenance, insurance, and fuel costs; thereby keeping our overhead down and costs low, making our service affordable to all.

To further minimize our carbon footprint, Community Couriers provides reusable tote bags and gladly returns any discarded plastic bags to the store for recycling. We also strive to keep our invoicing systems as paperless as possible.

Why are you and your team the best people on the planet to handle this project?

As a lifelong Riverside resident and avid commuter cyclist with over 12 years of supermarket experience, Ben has a unique perspective on how many traffic, parking, and pollution issues could be mitigated by green delivery; not only in the urban core, but all of Jacksonville as well.