The Father's Heart

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The Father's Heart

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Applebox Productions

How the jealous love of the father changes everything. Watch the teaser here:

Funding Goal



We are looking raise 150k to make this film. We understand the great need that there is all throughout our community and all over the world for fathers to step into their roles as mentor and leaders to the younger generation. As heavy of a topic as this film is we need your support to make this film the highest quality possible and to cover all of the necessary content needed to share the story the right way. Please consider contributing financially in some way and help us change the lives of the many families who watch this documentary.

About Project

My name is Bradley Hayes and I am directing The Father's Heart Film. Together at Applebox Productions we need to raise funds in order make The Father's Heart Film a story that is both entertaining and intimately engaging at top production value. We are hoping to network with the right investors who see the need and understand the impact that this film could make in families and society.

Project Showcase Proposal

Venue where we will showcase the teaser of the film, original artwork on canvas and posters to give to the crowd.

Project Showcase Requirements

Indoor/Outdoor Est. Dimensions
indoor or outdoor Length: 6' Width: 4' Height: 4'

Project Questions

What city is your project based out of?

Jacksonville FL

What sets your Project apart from what is currently available?

Directed by Bradley Hayes and filmed all across the United States, The Father’s Heart charts the experiences of ordinary men who have been called to father a generation but also, sons and daughters who need to be fathered. A film that unlocks those deep seated longings to father the orphans and to be a son or daughter who asks for wisdom. Stories that will breathe fresh life into those who struggle in their relationships with their own sons and daughters. The Father’s Heart offers rare glimpses into the lives of fathers turning their hearts to the young, but also sons and daughters turning to the wisdom of the fathers, and in the end painting a picture both convicting and intimately engaging.

Why are you and your team the best people on the planet to handle this project?

Bradley Hayes is the Director and Writer for The Fathers Heart Film. He has a passion for telling stories that touch people's hearts. From a young age he would express his creativity through painting. After studying at Savannah College of Art and Design, he knew his call was to make those pictures come alive. He now lives in Jacksonville, FL and works on set with AppleBox Productions. Some of the recent projects he's been a part of include HGTV's Smart Home series and commercials for Pilot Pens and Florida Blue. Bradley conceived the idea of The Father's Heart Film because he felt it absolutely crucial for the world to know the jealous love of the Father.

Andrew Paul Howell is Executive Producer and Director of Photography for The Father's Heart FIlm. He is a Director of Photography and owner of AppleBox Productions with 20 years experience in the film industry. He and his family live in Jacksonville, FL but travel where ever a project takes him. He is currently traveling the world as the Director of Photography for Darren Wilson's film Holy Ghost, to be released in September. Some of his most recent works include Lighting Design and Camera Operation for Discovery Channels's Gold Fever and History Channel's Emmy winning The Men Who Built America. His passion for great storytelling and expertise in creating beautiful cinema continue to propel him towards unique projects. The Father's Heart Film is close to Andrew's heart and he hopes this film not only strengthens the relationship of fathers with their children and vice versa, but ultimately enhances our relationship with God the Father.

Kyle Anderson, Cinematographer for The Father's Heart FIlm, is a Jacksonville, FL local and graduate of The Art Institute of Jacksonville Film Department. Kyle has directed photography on multiple short films and camera operated for HGTV's House Hunters International as well as numerous commercials and music videos. His unique eye for capturing a beautiful image has been an asset to The Father's Heart Film.

Thomas (Chip) Hawthorne, Cinematographer for TheFather's Heart FIlm, is a Florida native. Besides his family, Chip has two passions in his life, young people and film making. He deepened his passion by attending Flagler College and graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Media Production and a minor in Youth Ministry. His on set experience and desire to make films that reveal God's heart for his people makes Chip the perfect fit for The Father's Heart Film.