Airbordan #FLYitForward

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Airbordan #FLYitForward

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Jeff Crego

Airbordan is a surf and skate based brand created for Athletes/Artists and is a way to organize Community givebacks.

Funding Goal



We will be using the money for Brand Development and Opening a Retail Store while also putting on Community Charitable Events and #FLYitForward projects.

We have the option make it all!
surfboards,skateboards,clothing , hats,backpacks,leashes,tailpads, and other promo items as well.
A portion of sales goes to Our monthly Give backs we call the #FLYitForward givebacks.
Where we giveback to those who share and support Airbordan on Instagram.

We are more than a surf brand or company,
We are already connected with surfers, athletes,models and artist all over the World through instagram and ambassadors.

We do monthly Give a ways and have people tag someone they want to receive an Airbordan surprise box. Something to show unselfishness and have fun a s well while we grow through social media.

In addition to #FLYitForward -
This Summer We will be running FREE surf lessons for EVERYONE.
The lessons will be available for all ages and We will have the sessions taped with a Gopro camera on the board for everyone to learn from the footage and or show off to friends.

We are building a website which allows the public to become an ambassador of Airbordan brand for an annual one time fee of $49 and it will get you a promo code for wholesale prices all year!
You will also be able to receive commission for any store account you can create.
The "Ambassador" will be part of the company in a Family manner and can submit art for T shirts and other products to also make a percentage of sales on that too.
It's a great way to make extra money selling some gear to your bro's for the hookup price and be able to contribute art and ideas.
Since we also make Videos,
We plan to have Social Video Nights where kids and adults both can come watch, share and learn how to make videos as well as get involved and potentially become an Ambassador of the Airbordan brand.
One Spark is the perfect way for us to get the word out and have this ability to Grow from grassroots to World Wide while still "Keeping it Soul."

About Project

We are a surf and skate brand and want to development into one the most unique brands where We the athletes/artists can be ambassadors with ability to be a part of wholesale buying,submit art and organize Local Community Events or Fundraisers through our brand or products.

Project Showcase Proposal

Under a tent with products and videos.

Project Showcase Requirements

Indoor/Outdoor Est. Dimensions
outdoor Length: 10' Width: 10' Height: 10'

Project Questions

What city is your project based out of?


What sets your Project apart from what is currently available?

We are a surf and skate brand and want to development into one the most unique brands where we can make the surfers ambassadors and be able to not only have a sponsor to help them but also make money by getting product at wholesale and have ability to organize community give backs.

Why are you and your team the best people on the planet to handle this project?

Because We have the Vision of how We would like to see it grow and develop.
Also We have All lived and breathed surfing and skateboarding our whole lives.