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Cyrious Business (Dalton Cyr)

I am seeking $25,000 dollars for the manufacturing, distribution, marketing and tour support of my 2nd album. See video:

Funding Goal



I am seeking $25,000 dollars for the manufacturing, distribution, marketing and tour support of my second full length album. - See video at:

About Project

My name is Dalton Cyr. I’m a singer, songwriter, musician and recording artist from Jacksonville Beach, Florida. I’m currently working on recording my second full length album and am looking for financial assistance to promote it nationally once it’s finished. I’ve been approached about getting my songs out on radio stations coast to coast to reach a wider audience and already have tour dates lined up. I just need the financing to bring in an experienced team to help me do this. I am seeking $25,000 dollars for the manufacturing, distribution, marketing and tour support of this album.

Project Showcase Proposal

Live, high-energy pop-rock performance of my original songs. Really can play indoor or outdoor but I had to choose one. Stage is ideal, but doesn't have to be exact and can be smaller area. I can provide all my own sound, lighting & staging if needed and have my own sound man.

Project Showcase Requirements

Indoor/Outdoor Est. Dimensions
indoor Length: 20' Width: 10' Height: 8'

Project Questions

What city is your project based out of?

Jacksonville Beach, FL

What sets your Project apart from what is currently available?

I believe several things set my project apart:

1) Many teen artists performing today don't play an instrument during performances and also don't perform much, if any original music. Many do not write their own songs. I play guitar, write and perform my own original music with very few, if any, covers . In fact, many times I've performed with other teen artists and I am the only one doing all original music. I think if you asked people who see me live, they would say I'm an exciting performer to watch with catchy music and high energy and because my show isn't choreographed like you often see, you always get something fresh and never the same show twice.

2) I think I give a fresh approach to pop music that people are longing to hear. My lyrics are clean. My songs are guitar-based pop music with real instrumentation unlike many of the pop songs you hear today which use drum machines and computerized keyboards and bass. The proof I have that people want this fresh approach is that I draw a crowd and hold them, even if they've never heard my songs before. I've also received more than 1000 messages and comments saying that my songs have inspired or helped listeners in some way.

3) It's great to record an album, but you need a plan in place to promote it so that it can be heard. I already have financing in place to finish recording my album. I already have tour dates lined up with publicity (and could easily expand this with additional funding) and I have a team with a plan for promoting my album even further. The elements are there, I'm just missing the funding to complete the promotion.

4) I have used my music to give back to the community and will continue to do so. I've donated both performances and proceeds from merchandise sales to organizations such as Wolfson Children's Hospital, Beaches Fine Arts Series, 26.2 With Donna, Clean Water Music Fest, YMCA and many more. I've done anti-bullying tours around the country and done performances for schools right here in Jacksonville promoting literacy and the arts. One of my songs, "Whisper" I donate all of my online proceeds to the USO. And most recently I became a National Ambassador for The Dream Factory, a wish-granting organization for critically and chronically ill children.

Why are you and your team the best people on the planet to handle this project?

I have a track record of success and experienced music industry people with connections ready to help me. Also, I’ve received a lot of attention for my songwriting. A few examples include:

The first song I recorded when I was 10, “I’ll Be There” was a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, one of the most prestigious competitions with the highest profile judges in the world.

Last year I was able to work in L.A. with multi-platinum producer Paul Fox who has worked with people such as Rod Stewart, Ziggy Marley, 10,000 Maniacs, and Phish to record new songs for my upcoming album. In an interview for the cover story on me in Folio Weekly, Paul said he believes I have what it takes—that the music industry will be hearing from me.
I’ve also had other highly successful producers and songwriters tell me they believe I have what’s needed to succeed. For example, Trey Vittetoe, producer and songwriter for Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, said I have, quote, Great Presence, Definitely a Star, unquote.

In May of last year I beat out top teen songwriters from around the globe when I was hand-picked by industry talent scouts along with 19 other artists from around the world as one of the most promising upcoming songwriters. I participated in an International Prodigy Workshop to learn more about the art of storytelling in song and film. The Director of The Prodigy Workshop, Rick Stevenson had this to say about my songwriting, “Listen to his songs and you’ll understand the definition of prodigy.”

This fall, during a songwriting convention in L.A. with over 1500 songwriters and industry experts, one of my songs was reviewed by a panel of CEO’s and Presidents of publishing companies and record labels. The panel said my song was “Right on the money for the teen pop audience, had great structure and said, not only was it a great song but that I “looked like a star.” While reviewing my song, they were shocked to discover I was only 13 years old and that I wrote the song when I was only ten.