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Earthguy Inc. - the guys and gals who created and run

Earthguy is the way you'd think group deals should work, for buyers and for sellers, if you came from outer space. Take me to your savings!

Funding Goal



Marketing, bringing to new cities and markets.

About Project

First of all, we are not from outer space. Put that completely out of your mind. In fact, we’re not even sure why you even brought that up. But if we were from outer space, Earthguy, we’d ask: Why does a “group deal” —or “daily deal”—website have to mean that sellers lose money when they run a “group deal”, and buyers can’t find the right product or service? We want to build a group deal website that allows sellers to offer group discounts on any product or service, without having to lose money in the process, and lets buyers join a buying group for exactly what they want.

Project Showcase Proposal

We will demonstrate how our site works, and have our mascot(s) help with the demonstrations.

Project Showcase Requirements

Indoor/Outdoor Est. Dimensions
outdoor Length: 15' Width: 10' Height: 8'

Project Questions

What city is your project based out of?

Jacksonville, FL

What sets your Project apart from what is currently available? is the only truly “open system” group deal site on Earth. Other deal sites are closed systems: The group deal website chooses the deals it will offer, decides when those deals will run, writes the deal description, chooses the deal image and charges its sellers a commission of 50% or more. On, we are an “open system”: We allow sellers to create and post group deals themselves, on the terms that make sense for their business. Sellers pay nothing unless their deal actually sells—and if it does sell, that commission is only 8%. Buyers can search for exactly the deals they want—and filter by price, size of discount, deal category and geography. Our model works! Traditional group deal sites typically lose money because, even with their high commissions, they pay so much to source and create “content” (deals). But because our sellers self-list, we can run a lean, mean, flying saucer machine (and once we have our morning coffee, we’re not even that mean). Oh, and after only one year, we now have hundreds of local merchants listing hundreds of group deals on (Yay, us)!

Why are you and your team the best people on the planet to handle this project?

We are Jacksonville residents, former McKinsey & Co. consultants, and industry “veterans” (we’ve worked with some of the world’s greatest internet successes since 2007). We know that the concept of “volume discounts” (lowering sales price to increase sale quantity) can be effective for many merchants. We’ve also seen that the “buying group” model typically doesn’t work for merchants when they use a “group deal” website, because the high commission almost always assures that the merchants will sell for a loss. And, we’ve seen that an open platform solution is usually the best solution—open sites that don’t have to pay to source content (eBay, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, to name a few) beat “closed models” time and again. Above all, we passionately believe in the free market, and in the power of individuals to make their own buying and selling decisions. That’s Earthguy…the way you would think deal sites should work, if you came from outer space. Which, of course, we do not.