LiveSMART and Green Spark Mobile

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LiveSMART and Green Spark Mobile

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U.S. Green Building Council North Florida Nonprofit

Hitching you up to the local green scene and a sustainable region with the LiveSMART Green Spark digital experience

Funding Goal



Fantastic, eye popping "green home on wheels" exhibit that will activate 30,000 people a year AND an online directory with customer review capability and social forum focused on communicating not just “what’s green” but what works in NE FL.

About Project

Two minute video:

We want to inspire, educate, and activate people to take actions that will help create a sustainable region.

We want to connect them to local resources so they can complete their action(s).

We want to create positive economic growth in our community by creating supply and demand for healthy, high-performing, sustainable products and services.

We are going to help light green spark(s) by providing three dynamic resources:
a) physical “green home on wheels" exhibit where you can see and touch products and materials and ask specific questions
b) digital connection interface where you can learn about local sustainable products and services, practices, successes, and resources, and
c) online directory with reviews and sharing forum where you can ask additional questions, find local green businesses, share your successes, ideas, wishes, and multiply more green sparks in others

We plan to be a strong resource for green businesses, non-profits, and the general public and community. We want to help green businesses get more visibility and traction. We want the community to view the LiveSMART mobile unit and green pages directory as a trusted, effective, and useful resource to find the information they need to take action or patron a green business. With your help, we will create a LOCAL forum and directory where people can share ideas/successes/failures/wishes and find the answers they need. Through this effort, we will grow the supply and demand for local sustainable green talent, products, and services to the point where we reach a tipping point (20% of the NE FL population is regularly demanding sustainable products and services), and ultimately achieve market transformation.

Help us help you get this invaluable community resource!

Project Showcase Proposal

Attendees can expect:
-- an interactive physical and digital experience and learn about local sustainable choices, practices, resources, and initiatives, and
-- participate in helping us refine our message and the resources we should incorporate by taking our “interactive green journey” on LiveSMART and provide feedback and ideas of what you want included in the digital connection interface and online directory and forum
-- make a green spark pledge on site and be recognized on social media and a digital display board on site, and
-- get an “I’ve been green sparked” sticker and other environmentally friendly swag

Project Showcase Requirements

Indoor/Outdoor Est. Dimensions
outdoor Length: 40' Width: 40' Height: 20'

Project Questions

What city is your project based out of?

Jacksonville, Florida

What sets your Project apart from what is currently available?

Imagine a “green home on wheels” exhibit that inspires you to install a dual flush toilet and solar thermal hot water on your home. You scan a QR code at the exhibit that gives you a list of local resources of who to contact for both items and you receive a detailed email within a week of visiting the exhibit with these resources and suggested questions to ask as a savvy consumer. You successfully have both items installed and reduce your water and energy consumption and bills significantly. You now want to share your success and experience with others and take another action. You visit a website (which eventually will become an app) to easily find a green business like a cleaners or a sustainable restaurant recommended by others in the community. The website has an easy to search directory and each entry has their own description of talent, product and services, and why and how they are green. The customer reviews, similar to what you see on Angie’s List, Amazon, Urbanspoon, and Yelp, are invaluable to you in helping you make a decision. There is also a popular moderated social forum section where you share your questions, your successes (e.g., I just installed a dual flush toilet and a solar thermal water heather and my utility bill went down by 18%!). You share your ideas that have been percolating, your wishes and needs (e.g., “I wish we had curbside composting pick-up in my city” or “does any one know how to…”), and your suggestions (e.g., “We need community solar in this region.”). You spark many others to take action, start a green business, meet a need with an innovation. The green sparks multiply exponentially!

A green spark can be anything that moves the sustainable needle forward – an action, an idea, a need, an innovation, a business,…

Our project is unique from anything else because it is a comprehensive, community empowering project that fills the much needed void of sharing and connecting people to reliable, objective, and local (hot humid climate appropriate) sustainable information and resources. The LiveSMART and Green Spark Mobile’s immediate goal is to activate people to take smart, sustainable actions and foster green sparks (aka actions, ideas, suggestions, inventions, innovation, etc.). It’s long term goal is to activate enough people to reach a tipping point for positive sustainable change in NE FL.

How do we hope to light the green spark in you? With a three prong approach:
• Mobile exhibit -- our LiveSMART mobile unit will INSPIRE, EDUCATE, and ACTIVATE 30,000 people a year by showcasing local, sustainable, affordable, and attainable choices, practices, and initiatives at big events like Jaguar games, Art Walks, Home & Patio Shows, and festivals as well as schools and businesses campuses. With the ability for people to physically see, touch, and ask specific questions regarding their homes and needs, they will be able to reduce their utility bills and increase the comfort, health, indoor air quality, and performance of their homes.
• Digital Experience & Connection to Resources – once a person has been activated to take an action, the next step is to CONNECT them to the resources they need to take that action. We will make it easy for you to discern what you need and how to get it whether it is through QR codes, customized follow-up via email, direct websites and contacts on site using tablets and touchscreens, or direct consultations. For example, if you are interested in learning more about solar hot water or are ready to actually install a system, we would immediately point you to the resources you need including what questions to ask to be a smart, savvy consumer, who are the local companies, and estimated costs if available.
• Dynamic Online Forum to Share & Multiply Green Sparks – if you have questions after visiting the LiveSMART mobile unit or once you have completed your action(s), we want to recognize you and encourage you to share with others to light up and multiply additional green sparks. By sharing your experience, you will influence others and together we can CREATE CHANGE, DEMAND for local sustainable products and services, and BUILD A GROWING COMMUNITY that cares about our sustainable future.

Why are you and your team the best people on the planet to handle this project?

U.S. Green Building Council North Florida Chapter (USGBC NF) has been an active and solid non-profit working in the community since 2005. We are a dedicated volunteer and membership organization deeply committed to creating a sustainable region. You could definitely say we are UBER passionate about moving the sustainable needle locally. We are ambitious in our initiatives and goals each year with three main focuses: awareness initiatives to stimulate demand, education initiatives to supply the knowledge talent to meet the demand (we try to make sure that architects, trades, product manufacturers know what the latest best sustainable practices are in hot, humid climate so their clients are informed and not disappointed with going green in the end), and policy initiatives where we try to nudge the market toward creating incentivized sustainable regulations.

The Chapter has the infrastructure and commitment in place to make the LiveSMART and Green Spark Mobile and Forum long lasting and impactful. Many of our current initiatives will feed in nicely to this project. After One Spark, the LiveSMART (Sustainable Materials and Resources Trailer) will reach over 30,000 people a year through big events on weekends like Jaguar games, Jazz Festival, Home & Patio Shows and during the week at schools, Art Walks, homeowners associations, and business campuses. With every touch with LiveSMART we hope to activate people to take action – light a green spark – and point them to the directory and forum for concrete, vetted, reliable, objective, local information so they can take action.