Neuroinitiative - Inside the Neuron!

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Neuroinitiative - Inside the Neuron!

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Neuroinitiative, Inc.

Advancing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease Research through Cutting-edge Computer Simulation and Modeling.

Funding Goal



Funding for operations including:
* Lead Engineer
* Software Development Interns
* Office Space

About Project

Neuroinitiative, inc is a non-profit organization of scientists and engineers led by Neuroscientist and Mayo Clinic Alumni Dr. B. Spring Behrouz. Neuroinitiative is dedicated to the advancement of research and understanding of the two most common neurodegenerative disorders, Alzheimer's Disease, and Parkinson's Disease.

The proposed project combines cutting edge scientific and technological capabilities to create a four dimensional navigation system of pathways inside the neuron. This computer simulation shows great promise in helping researchers simplify, unravel, and understand the complexity of the neuron.

Research on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease is of utmost importance since there is currently no cure for either disease, which together affect nearly 50 million people worldwide.

Project Showcase Proposal

Science staff will be on hand to discuss the latest trends in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's research.

Pictures, Displays, and Videos describing these diseases, and our approach to working toward cures will be bring the information to life in a fun and interactive display.

Project Showcase Requirements

Indoor/Outdoor Est. Dimensions
indoor or outdoor Length: 5' Width: 5' Height: 8'

Project Questions

What city is your project based out of?

Jacksonville, FL

What sets your Project apart from what is currently available?

The intersection of technological capability and body of scientific knowledge is just approaching the point where a cutting edge biotech project such as this is feasible. While there are several teams attempting similar objectives, none have yet to deliver a usable, and extensible simulation of a neuron.

Where many competing projects start with mining large unstructured datasets (trying to find a needle in a haystack), we aim to first structure an efficient core index of curated, peer reviewed knowledge that will allow us a narrower focus when digging deeper into the Big Data. We start with a bottom up model of known protein interactions to build a solid foundation upon which we can aggregate complex structures and behaviors.

From this model we will run simulations which will shed light on druggable targets for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases. It will also result in rapidly identify areas requiring deeper investigation which will guide future laboratory research direction.

Why are you and your team the best people on the planet to handle this project?

Our Board of Directors have successfully launched multiple brands from concept to market and understand the challenges and rewards of this path. With significant scientific and technological background and a passion for curing these diseases we are ready to build and motivate a talented and close knit team to bring this product to market. As our primary goal is to cure disease and bring relief to the millions afflicted we have chosen to structure as a not-for-profit organization to ensure that all gains are reinvested into furthering this goal.

Our scientific team is led by a Neuroscientist and Mayo Clinic alumni with over a decade of experience in neurodegenerative disease research and collaborators at universities, pharmaceutical companies, and non-profit research and funding organizations. We have commitments from over a dozen scientists to contribute as consultants to build model data, beta test the platform, and help shape the system in ways that maximize researcher value.

Our technology team is led by a Software Engineering Executive at a local Fortune 500 company with experience building and leading teams to success on projects ranging from small start-ups to those budgeted over $10 million per year, and a specialty in high-throughput processing and big data. We have Senior Developers and Architects engaged as consultants to establish architecture and feasibility, and a large network of staffing resources ready to fill out a rock star team to bring this product to market.

Highly motivated individuals with skills in software engineering or fundraising are invited to visit our booth to discuss opportunities, or may e-mail for more information.