Partpic: Visual Recognition for Replacement Parts

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Partpic: Visual Recognition for Replacement Parts

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Partpic, Inc.

Partpic is a proprietary technology that facilitates search for replacement parts using a camera enabled mobile device. Snap, Match, Buy!

Funding Goal



We're using the money to hire additional engineers and further the product build out. We plan to launch with our pilot customer next quarter.

About Project


Our team is made up of innovative, eager, diverse, and intellectually competent millennials with a purpose to change the world.

Project Showcase Proposal

We will simply display a few parts on a table, equipped with small lights, and use our mobile app to take a picture that recognizes the part. We will also have a monitor and a video playing from a laptop displayed on the table. Our table will be equipped with signage and collateral also.

Project Showcase Requirements

Indoor/Outdoor Est. Dimensions
indoor or outdoor Length: 6' Width: 3' Height: 3'

Project Questions

What city is your project based out of?

Atlanta, Ga.

What sets your Project apart from what is currently available?

Recognition technology is a prime area of R&D. More and more apps are entering appstores in the forms of audio recognition (Shazam, Sound Hound, Lisnr, Viggle, etc), code scanners (QR, NFC and barcode) and visual recognition (Cam Find, Google Goggles, specialty apps like Bank of America’s check uploader). The increase of similar apps speaks to the technological advancements being made in the space. These apps provide needed assistance to users in a simple way.

Partpic has married easy part search with high tech visual recognition to create a winning position in the SAAS market. Visual recognition technology is still very new to mobile and Partpic is doing what no other company has before. The algorithms we’ve developed are able to extract very detailed information just by taking a picture. Our patent pending technology creates new purpose for visual recognition technology and has the potential to become a household name in the area of do-it-yourself. Additionally, our enterprise focus gives us a competitive advantage and opportunity for higher revenue.
Some of the key components that our IP protect include:

1. Detection details using feature extraction of the image, which obtains physical aspects such as dimensions, material, etc. using a sequence of images/video or computational aspects, such as spectral characteristics or histogram threshold information.
2. Training models for features from newly obtained parts and adding them to our database via adaptive learning.

Why are you and your team the best people on the planet to handle this project?

We are the best people for this because each team member is an expert in all the areas needed to succeed. For example:

Jewel Burks- CEO- managed a 10 person sales team at major industrial supplier, McMaster Carr. She noticed the problem we are trying to solve everyday in the marketplace. We know customers and companies will benefit from our product. She also worked in enterprise sales at Google, Inc. She sold an enterprise product to large/small companies. She understands the concept of what it needs to sell Partpic as an enterprise solution.

Troy Nunnally- CTO- PhD candidate from Georgia Tech and co-founder of BrainRain Solutions, a company that builds mobile applications to solve business problems. Troy and his product team are experts in computer vision, feature extraction and web development. (and also hold their Ph.Ds)

Jason Crain- COO- formerly DSO sales at Google, Inc and Project Management at Shazam. With an avid career in online/digital sales Jason is equipped to speak to the digital benefits and efficiencies. Shazam is the world's leading engagement mobile application. Their focus on audio recognition is a direct parallel to Partpic's visual recognition. These learning are found to be useful daily.