Music • Solo


No. 20162

EP of "motivational" music addressing everyday issues.

Funding Goal



legalizing and insuring the company and any images. Proper equipment to produce and distribute albums not only digitally but physically. Transportation for hauling show equipment. Advocating the cause and preparing for future events.

About Project

I am a transition happening before your eyes... I want to help people improve their quality of life with music to inspire them, to make them stronger!!!

Project Showcase Proposal

I will showcase by performing, speaking, passing out information about the project and samples of music and interacting with the people.

Special considerations: Performance involves sound(of course) and physical activity i guess

Project Showcase Requirements

Indoor/Outdoor Est. Dimensions
outdoor Length: n/a Width: n/a Height: n/a

Project Questions

What city is your project based out of?


What sets your Project apart from what is currently available?

The main focus of this project is to induce positive thought constantly while giving the listener the ideas to carry along with them to keep them uplifted in trying times.

Why are you and your team the best people on the planet to handle this project?

I personally suffer from depression so i know how it feels to be down. I can be a real time example of overcoming your biggest issues. My team consist of real people who know the ups and downs of life and have been made stronger by experience. Me and the people can grow together, we can help each other. Plus the music is fresh!!!