The Meatrix System Meat Analyzer

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The Meatrix System Meat Analyzer

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Imagitronix Inc.

Patented system analyzes meat during the cooking process to assure it is cooked to precisely the desired doneness, is safe to eat & juicy.

Funding Goal



The technology has been restaurant proven. It can save restaurants tens of thousands of dollars each year, significantly reduce food waste and improve customer satisfaction. There has been great interest in bringing this unique, advanced technology to the home market so everyone can enjoy juicy, safe & perfectly cooked meat. We will use the funding to have an FCC approved handheld system built and optimized for production. We will also obtain FDA certification of the sterilization algorithms. Soon the world will meat perfection with The Meatrix System.

About Project

We are a small, innovative engineering company known for making the impossible, possible. We have developed a unique, patented technology - The Meatrix System - that can accurately determine the doneness of meat. Our system not only tells the doneness of meat but it determines if the meat has been pasteurized, accurately predicts when the meat will be done and guides the chef through the cooking process to ensure the meat will not continue to cook beyond the desired level after it is removed from the heat source. It will even tell the chef when to turn the meat. The technology works with ANY heat source. The meat won't be over cooked or dried out. Maximum juiciness of all meats is maintained regardless of the desired doneness level. We want to bring this restaurant tested product from the world of professional chefs and restaurants to everyone's home. We plan to develop a battery powered, affordable, handheld device to be sold in conventional retail outlets. We also plan to get the device's sterilization algorithms FDA certified as effective for ensuring meat is safe to eat.

Project Showcase Proposal

We will display a propane grill equipped with our portable, restaurant grade demo version of The Meatrix System. This can be a non-functioning display. We also plan to have a table to present brochures, charts and graphs. We intend to have a couple of banners, as appropriate and approved by the venue that we are matched with. We hope to have a video of the system in action playing on a computer screen. We will need two or three 120 volt electrical outlets but power usage will be very small. If the venue is a restaurant we can, at the discretion of our venue and assuming their business permit allows, let the venue's customers or chefs cook their meat entree's on our grill using The Meatrix System. This could present their customers with a fun and unique experience while letting them be among the first members of the general public to experience The Meatrix System.

Project Showcase Requirements

Indoor/Outdoor Est. Dimensions
indoor or outdoor Length: 8' Width: 8' Height: 8'

Project Questions

What city is your project based out of?

Saint Augustine, Florida

What sets your Project apart from what is currently available?

Chefs will typically determine the doneness of meat by touching it or measuring the temperature and using rule of thumb temperatures to determine when the meat is done. The sense of touch is easily fooled by meats that are a different thickness or tougher or more tender than the chef is used to. Using the meat's temperature as a guide typically gives the wrong results. The established temperature guides assume a given temperature of the heat source, thickness of meat, type of meat and fat content of the meat. Of course these assumed, ideal parameters are rarely met in the real world. The Meatrix System's proprietary technology is accurate regardless of how these parameters vary. This is especially obvious when cooking meats of different thicknesses or over a hard to control heat source, such as wood.

When cooking pork or poultry, the technology determines if the meat is safe to eat, using FDA protocols used by the commercial prepared food industry. As a result, the meat can be cooked to lower temperatures and still be safe to eat. The lower temperatures result in less meat shrinkage and juicier meat. While the sterility algorithms use data from the FDA, the effectiveness of the algorithms still need to be certified by FDA certified labs. We have no reason to doubt certification will be received considering the protocols come from the FDA and the algorithms are conservatively biased.

The handheld device will look much like typical meat thermometers used in the home but the technology is totally different and the results are amazing.

Why are you and your team the best people on the planet to handle this project?

We have been researching ways to determine the doneness of meat for over 30 years. Our lead engineer was one of the first to use electronic temperature measurement when cooking meat. He realized how inaccurate temperature level is for determining doneness and applied his education and experience with artificial intelligence to develop the Meatrix technology. The Meatrix technology has been restaurant tested and proven to be more consistent than even experienced chefs. We will engage professional design firms to port this technology to microprocessors that can be cost effectively installed in a handheld device that will be sold in traditional retail outlets.