Us: A Story of Connection in Jacksonville

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Us: A Story of Connection in Jacksonville

No. 20390

A collaborative documentary revealing Jacksonville's unique identity and recent transformation through the eyes of its residents.

Funding Goal



Funds raised would be used for software, cameras, lighting and sound equipment, and compensation for a technical crew. We also anticipate paying fees for rights to music and art.

About Project


Identity is a powerful thing. We want to know, “what is our identity as a city?”

We are storytellers and filmmakers who are excited about the Jacksonville community. We're documenting the contrasting perspectives of a rapidly changing city and unveiling its unique identity; we want to showcase the new vision of Jacksonville but give voice to those who still lack a meaningful connection to the city.

We are excavators, unearthing a community's spirit. We are collecting artifacts: the stories that bind us. Woven as a seamless narrative, they can help us reconnect with our city’s identity.

Project Showcase Proposal

At OneSpark we will unveil an extended trailer and discuss our plans for production, but we will also work the production itself into the presentation. One Spark attendees can volunteer to be interviewed. In front of our cameras, they will describe their relationship with the community and how they feel connected or disconnected to the city. All interviewees will help to excavate our shared identity. We will record and collect these interviews for the production of the documentary. One Spark fans can also begin interacting with us in advance of the festival via Instagram; they can post images and videos that could be incorporated into the film. We will contact participants if we plan to use their contribution--everyone involved will get film credit. Connect with us on Instagram: @connectusjax

Project Showcase Requirements

Indoor/Outdoor Est. Dimensions
indoor Length: 15' Width: 10' Height: 12'

Project Questions

What city is your project based out of?

Jacksonville, FL

What sets your Project apart from what is currently available?

We are the first to document the recent transformation of Jacksonville and tell the stories of the people who live here. This film will champion the emerging identity of Jacksonville as business and cultural hub but also address the divisions and disconnection that threaten to diminish its growth.

The inequities we see in our community seem to lie at that crucial point of disconnection. Those who are fortunate enough to be part of the new movement in Jacksonville feel an excitement, a dynamic change in the city and a future of flourishing opportunities. But less privileged residents continue to live a very different reality; their conviction is that "Jacksonville is a terrible place to live because of all the's's filled with murderers, rapists and drug dealers." Geographically, these people are very close, but their perspectives are worlds apart. It's this conflicting vision of Jacksonville that we want to explore. We will interview residents from the entire spectrum, from those who are bringing new ideas and business to the area, to those who feel isolated, unsafe and underserved.

We all need a place where our stories can be heard, and this project will encourage a diverse cast of Jacksonville residents to tell a collaborative story of our community. This includes those who are isolated because of physical distance and suburban sprawl, those who don't have reliable internet or computer access, and those who feel like they can't fully participate in civic life because they live in dangerous neighborhoods or don't have reliable modes of transportation. We will contrast these folks with people who are totally plugged the social scene, the tech and innovation energy and the urban core revitalization. People see the city very differently depending on their level of connection. Let’s listen to the sound of a place and its people, of the Jacksonvillian as citizen, as participant, as leader, as victim, as hustler, as student, as privileged and unprivileged, as powerful and powerless, as creator, as hero, as parent and as child.

Why are you and your team the best people on the planet to handle this project?

Our team members are involved, concerned residents of the community who know how to tell a fantastic story. We work and play in all sectors of the city and are excited about what we see, but we want to promote even more connection and synergy. We've made several films together, and, individually, we've been quite prolific too. We are published writers, business owners and professional entertainers.

Please check out our video proposal posted above!