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Do you have to ask WaZINIT before you eat it? Tired of spending RIDONKULOUS amounts of time reading fine print on food labels? So are we!

Funding Goal



This will allow us to add features to our Android release! --swing by and tell us your favorite!

Stretch Goal:
iOS release at $150k

About Project

  • Are you one of the Millions of Americans who have to figure out WaZINIT before you eat it?!

  • Tired of spending RIDONKULOUS amounts of time reading the fine print on food labels?!

We feel your pain!

Husband & Wife founded WaZINIT because of his battles with digestive disease and almost 30 food triggers requiring a strict special diet.

WaZINIT will allow you to quickly scan products and compare ingredients against ANY of those you're trying to avoid. Stop wasting hours grinding out the labels, find out WaZINIT!

Project Showcase Proposal

Ideally, we'd like to have a wall/windows behind us with space for a full size table and probably a smaller one. Large would be for materials and hands-on demos. The smaller, a workstation for feedback.

We're pretty scrappy. So, we'd be happy with enough room for a table to do hands-on demos. If you've only got an out of the way corner for us, no worries, we'll probably be in the street talking to people anyways.

Project Showcase Requirements

Indoor/Outdoor Est. Dimensions
indoor Length: 12' Width: 8' Height: 8'

Project Questions

What city is your project based out of?

Saint Petersburg, FL

What sets your Project apart from what is currently available?

Currently, apps out there will rate how healthy they think products are for you. Some might even let you pick from their preset list of a handful of sensitivities (usually around 8-10). NONE can help you if you're trying to avoid something not on their list.

You simply set your food preferences, and we'll take care of the rest.

We've created a quick and easy way to find out WaZINIT with NO LIMITS!

Why are you and your team the best people on the planet to handle this project?

Brian and Zach met during the events of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013, and with Christina, pooled our talents for Startup Weekend Tampa Bay in November 2013. At Startup Weekend we were joined by more amazing people with a passion for WaZINIT. Our team validated, demonstrated a working prototype, and was awarded first place from both judging panels.

With a passion for changing the world and unmatched dedication, our trio has the recipe of skills needed to make it happen, and we're always learning more.

Simply put, we get it done.