By attending One Spark, you get to decide which Creator Projects receive funding. Attending One Spark is free, but to vote you’ll need to create an account to get in on the fun. Don’t forget to tie a payment source to your account which allows you to make individual contributions to the Projects.

Since One Spark is free to attend, we ask that instead of paying an admission fee, you put that money toward helping the Creators. A contribution of $5 or $10 may not seem significant, but when hundreds or even thousands of people believe in an idea and support it, the power of crowdfunding can be the difference between a good idea sitting on a shelf or becoming the next big thing.

How to Register to Vote & Contribute

You must be registered and checked in at the festival before you can vote. Registered voters can contribute from anywhere in the world without physically checking in. Even if you registered and voted in 2013, you must still check-in at the festival in order to vote.

REGISTER: Set up your account at any time online at, or in-person during the festival at a Voting & Information Kiosk (valid photo ID required).

CHECK IN: From April 9, at 11 AM EST through April 13, at 3 PM EST, check in within event boundaries to validate your account. Use your smartphone (One Spark App or Mobile Site) or check in at a Voting & Information Kiosk.

VOTE & CONTRIBUTE: Increase your favorite Creator Projects’ shares of the $200,000 crowdfund, or contribute to any Project that inspires you. The top-voted Project in each category will receive an additional $10,000 bonus award and the top-contributed Project overall will receive an additional $10,000. Your votes and contributions matter!

Vote & Contribute

Once you’ve registered and checked in at the festival, you can vote or contribute 4 different ways.

Smartphone (Vote and Contribute)

  1. Download the One Spark App or access via your mobile browser at Sign into your registered account.
  2. Search for Creators by entry number, Creator name, Project name or Venue location.
  3. Click the “Vote for Project” button.
  4. Click the “Contribute” button and enter your contribution amount.

Text Message (Vote Only)

  1. Ensure that you have registered for a One Spark account and checked-in first. You can visit a voting kiosk to register and check-in if you do not have a smartphone or access to a computer.
  2. Locate a Creator’s Entry Number in a One Spark 2014 Event Guide or at the Creator’s display.
  3. Text the Creator’s Entry Number to +1 904-647-2955. Text messaging fees may apply.

Voting & Information Kiosk

  1. Visit one of our 11 Voting & Information Kiosks.
  2. Present a valid photo ID* to kiosk volunteers to register for an account and confirm your identity.
  3. Use a kiosk computer to sign in to your account.
  4. Search for Creators by Entry Number, Creator Name, Project Name or by Venue.
  5. Click the “Vote for Project” button or click the “Contribute” button and enter/submit your contribution amount.


  1. Visit
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Search for Creators by Entry Number, Creator Name, or Venue location.
  4. Click the “Vote for Project” button.
  5. Click the “Contribute” button and enter your contribution amount.