Remember One Spark 2013

Art • Entry #124

Anything Helps

The art of photography is used to document and inspire people to contribute to the community through committing acts of kindness, good deeds and recognizing that anything does, in fact, help.

We ask that we be allowed to photograph the participant with our cardboard "Anything Helps" sign - rescued from the streets of Jacksonville in October 2012. In exchange for being photographed, we offer him/her a copy of the photo (at no charge) for carrying out a good deed and reporting one recently done or by getting back to us. The good deed is then written on the back of a second copy of the photo (by the participant) that we keep for the eventual exhibit of over 1000 good deeds done in Jacksonville.

What constitutes a good deed is subjective and left to the participant to decide - for some it involves cash donations or volunteering; for others the acts are more personal or easily carried out at random. Ultimately, we hope this serves as a catalyst to make people more aware of their actions and how they impact our community.

We are also in the process of becoming a 501(c)3 charitable organization; donating portrait services to families and students experiencing hardships. We believe quality photographs and the cherished memories they capture should be available to everyone, regardless of station in life.