Remember One Spark 2013

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1 Wall = Connection SOTRU's The Wall

State of the Re:Union, a dynamic NPR show nationally broadcast on more than 200 stations, introduces The Wall - a large-scale, multi-tablet installation that encourages people to participate, share, create and explore meaningful media in a public space. For each episode, SOTRU travels to a different American city or town to produce stories about what makes community there. Our mission is to bring American life into focus, examining the things that divide us as well as bind us together. And The Wall is an extension of this goal, traveling to different cities, aggregating stories from across America.

The Wall will go where the people are. Unlike other installations of its kind that are housed in institutions like museums, universities or libraries, The Wall is mobile. It’s a storyboard capable of recording, archiving, and ultimately sharing the values and attitudes of each community it touches. This isn’t new technology. It’s a revolution of ideas; a revival of the campfire around which our ancestors sat and dreamed of how to build a better world. The Wall will connect citizens in our town and also connect us with people from around the globe.

Just like SOTRU, The Wall will open up dialogue between people with different ways of life and different perspectives, promoting understanding and encouraging conflict resolution. If we can be connected with others in different regions, with different cultures, we will have a better chance of creating solutions to pressing issues. We will become better listeners. We will increase empathy.

The Wall challenges how media inhabits our space. The Internet is an ether, as intangible as it is infinite. But we have trapped ourselves - become idle, passive voyeurs of media. The Wall will surprise us. The Wall will touch us. The Wall will change us. And we will have the power to change The Wall.