Remember One Spark 2013

Art, Education • Entry #532


Kids love cartoons. As a parent, I've learned that the best cartoons are not just entertaining, but also educational and inspirational. With this in mind, our mission is to produce an animated series that teaches children about environmental conservation and sustainable living. But how do we do this without being preachy or too much like school? Our strategy is to use fun characters and exciting stories.

Meet the Swirlbots. Swirlbots are super-powered creatures from a distant galaxy. They came to Earth to teach us about conservation and sustainability.

Hi, I'm Sonja Gapinski, creator of Swirlbots. Swirlbots started out as an art project but has turned into a passion to entertain, educate, and inspire kids.

Professionally, I spend my days shooting, editing and producing marketing videos for Motionbuzz, our family business. But on nights and weekends, I'm a crafty mom who enjoys painting, cooking, sewing, and camping with my husband Thomas and our two children.

Thomas and I were born and raised in Jacksonville, and we both graduated from University of Florida. We're small business owners living, working, and raising our children right here in Northeast Florida. We've taken an active role in the community by volunteering as youth soccer coaches and Scout leaders. Jacksonville is home.

Our goal is to combine all of our passions and skills in order to grow Swirlbots into a thriving brand and an animated educational series.

Thomas and I are forming a talented local team, including Telly Award winning animators, illustrators, writers, sound designers, and voice artists. Securing start-up funding will help us produce our pilot episode. Our other ideas for raising capital, include selling books, merchandise, and producing branded educational videos for like-minded organizations.

We are very excited to be part of One Spark. For more information, please visit