5 Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

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A combination of technological advancements and the rapid shift to online platforms due to the pandemic has given digital media coverage like never before. Consequently, digital marketing has become the main focus of everyone; companies and customers alike. A few digital marketing trends to keep an eye out for in 2022 are;

The Metaverse

The first step is understanding what the metaverse is? If you are a Marvel fan, you may have heard of a similar term, “Multiverse,” in many comics. It does align with the concept of a separate reality, but the metaverse does exist in this universe. USA writers are here to help you address your concerns with metraverse if you experience any difficulty regarding this concept. Metaverse is a virtual experience that is highly enveloping and captivating. Besides, it incorporates elements like virtual and augmented reality along with interactive videos.

In 2021, Facebook changed its primary company’s name to “Meta,” which sparked the conversation about metaverse. Metaverse is a lot more than just Facebook and its platforms. The metaverse creates almost life-like experiences on online platforms. The possibilities are unlimited as you can socialize with people, operate a business, and experience so much more.

The metaverse also features virtual property and its ownership. The entire concept may seem peculiar, but these properties are listed for millions of dollars; what is even more bizarre is that some have already been purchased. This should help understand the importance metaverse marketing trends will have in recent years.

When it comes to marketing for your business, you need to keep an eye out for developing platforms in the metaverse. Moreover, Facebook is still in its transitionary phase and will incorporate some digital marketing trends and practices. So, be sure to jump on those trends to capture maximize value.

You can market your brand products in the metaverse by paralleling the metaverse experience with real-life experiences. For example, when we are shopping in the physical world, we try on clothes. Metail has brought this experience for online shopping using metaverse. You can create a 3-D avatar or a me-model, and it can try on clothes from online retailers. In 2022, the advertising trends will shift towards these immersive practices. 

Engage in CSR and Non-Profit Activities

In the past two decades, globalization has increased accessibility and awareness. News and impact do not stay hidden for long. The latest trends in digital marketing are incorporating corporate social responsibility into projects and working for the betterment of humanity.

Corporate social responsibility or CSR is made up of four components:

  • Responsibility towards the environment: This component includes using more environmentally friendly practices and changing operations to reduce waste. The companies focus on animals and planets while hopping on these online marketing trends. They try to reduce their carbon footprint while increasing their dependency on renewable energy sources. For example, Starbucks has nearly eliminated their plastic straws because of their devastating effect on the sea turtles’ population;  
  • Responsibility towards ethical employment practices: From the mid-1900s, companies started to realize that their employees were an asset. They need to be nurtured and motivated, and it will increase productivity. So, CSR has started to incorporate efforts to focus on employees. For example, Google gives its employees an open and easy-going environment. They also give employees multiple benefits, and these are advertised using videos on youtube. This new marketing trend helps build a good reputation and increase stock prices; 
  • Philanthropic Responsibilities: These include practices like donating resources, whether monetary or not, to facilitate a cause. For example, large corporations partner with foundations like “Make a wish” and help sponsors them to make the wishes come true; 
  • Economic responsibility: This component makes sure that all economic activities (primarily financial) are ethical and the aim is not only profit maximization. Сompanies often hire USA writers for writing content on various social media channels and websites that generate social media engagement to increase awareness that a percentage of the earnings will be used for responsible actions mentioned above. For example, Casetify launched cases made from sustainable materials and incentivized a tree to be planted for every case sold.

These activities help increase brand awareness and reputation but do not directly generate revenue or profit. If any money is collected, it is often donated for the cause.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are the new bitcoins. These are also digital financial assets, but they are not in a virtual coin but are virtual tokens; unlike bitcoins, these tokens can be an image, logo, or artwork. Each NFT has a specific identification code that is irreplicable. Their uniqueness is what makes them valuable. But be sure to do research first, because just like common bitcoin scams, there are NFT scams, too.

In 2022, you can create custom NFTs using your brand logo or product art. It will help generate another revenue stream while hopping on the NFT trend to increase the awareness of your brand. If you do not know how to create NFTs, you can outsource them to a freelance developer. 

Influencer marketing

The new trends in digital marketing are influencer marketing. With an increase in users on social media platforms like;

  • Youtube; 
  • Instagram; 
  • Facebook;
  • And TikTok, among many others.

Some users acquire many followers, and their opinions carry weight with their audience. Therefore, brands partner up with these people to advertise their products. Brands like kylie cosmetics will send PR (public relations) packages of their new product launches to these influencers. They will review the items and post them on their platforms. 

Some brands like Tarte cosmetics will take this digital marketing news and trends a step further and take these influencers on events and vacations to build a good relationship with them and make them ambassadors. It is important to note that these influencers are not celebrities. However, celebrities can be used for influencer advertising. 

Youtube is a vast platform where YouTubers earn a massive chunk of their paychecks from sponsorships by brands. These platforms have enforced rules and regulations where the influencer has to mention the sponsorship when talking about a product. This is done to ensure that the audience is not misled in any way.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI is the recreation of cognitive activities by computers. Brands like Spotify and amazon use artificial intelligence to acquire and organize customer data. This data is used to enhance user experience in multiple ways;

  • The platforms can be updated to make them user friendly
  • Targeted ads can be used to increase sales
  • Sale history-related items can be advertised to the customers. 

Digital marketing trends have removed barriers of reach and accessibility. You can make anyone your customer if you use the proper channels and campaigns. These five trends are the way to go if you want to expand your brand’s awareness and increase your customer base. All you need to do is keep in touch with the virtual world and go viral online.

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