6 eCommerce Website Design Examples and Why They Rock

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Today, without online stores, it is impossible to imagine modern realities. Online resources are not only needed by modern users, but have become part of everyday life. Thanks to sales sites, businesses have a chance to develop, become popular, promote and improve. That’s why ecommerce consulting services by Dinarys along with such events are also becoming more in demand. Turning to a specialized company, you can count not only on detailed advice, but also on high-quality web development.

Why should good visual design be done in online stores?

Good design, in fact, reveals a lot of advantages and features. Among them are the following ones:

  • The simplest navigation. Light landmarks are what is important for every commercial online resource. The more complex the site is made, the worse it is for its traffic. Everyone wants to quickly find something through the search bar, which should be in a conspicuous place.
  • Design adaptation. Many users will want to go to online stores not only from computers, but also from small devices – smartphones and tablets, To provide the best app experience, a UX design Chicago-based company might be able to provide your desired output.
  • Typographic accuracy. We are talking about a normal name that is easy to remember. In no case should you use a picture with embedded text, title or header, because then the site will simply be impossible to find through a search engine.
  • Speed ​​loading. It is very important that the online store works quickly. High-speed opening of web pages is what will affect the good user experience of using an online resource.
  • Marketing strategy. To promote an online sales resource, you should think carefully about the action plan. Firstly, SEO is very important, and secondly, you should think over tactics for working on an advertising campaign.

Cool design for an online store – what examples should be highlighted?

When developing a design solution and choosing a cool style that will be presented in the interface, it is worth focusing on existing versions of websites that are successfully functioning in the modern market. Among them the following ones:

  1. Fun is on trend. It is worth remembering that if a business sells something from cosmetics or food, then all products can be “turned” visually into something fun and attractive. Fashion is fun, because where it’s easy and fun, it’s always relevant.
  2. Photo attractiveness. The more spectacular and beautiful, clearer and more interesting photos, pictures and images, the better. Modern users pay special attention to high-quality content, so you should forget about blurry, uneven and not creative pictures.
  3. Inspiring functionality. It’s about not being a business owner selling on a website, you need to be smart about selling. For example, cool options with discounts, the ability to enter promotional codes in special pop-up windows, interesting text phrases that will make it possible to understand that when buying a product in this particular online store, the client emphasizes his lifestyle.
  4. Maximum simplicity and naturalness. Any website interface should be intuitive. If a person gets confused, for example, does not find a line with a directory or does not find the “Cart”, then he will simply lose his personal time. And who would like that? If the interface is simple, then this is a plus. Also, we must not forget that the goods sold must be natural. The more natural, the better, because naturalness is now at the peak of popularity.
  5. Health. Businesses always need to focus on the health of their customers. This means that the creation of an online store should be based on the fact that the products and goods sold should not harm human health or the environment. A “healthy” website is a guide to the buying process by providing information about certificates, compliance with state standards (GOST), manufacturing products within the law, good and positive customer reviews, and much more.
  6. Rest. When creating a site, it is worth focusing on ensuring that there is no clutter with unnecessary content. It is also worth paying attention to brief informativeness, interactivity and unique design (minimalism style is now a priority and is considered one of the best). When a potential customer is in an online store, he must rest in body and soul. This is how visual design should be.

Please note that shopware development company offers to perform work on the creation of an online store, taking into account all the features of the modern market.

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