6 Habits That Promote Success Among College Students

Everything starts in college. You begin to figure out what you like, what interests you, and what you want to do in life. Compare yourself two years ago with your current version, and you’d be surprised.  

College is also a time to start developing habits that will benefit you in the future. Many people think that success comes from the mindset and outlook on life. Yes, you are more likely to achieve something great when you take risks and feel confident overall. Yet, you must follow certain routines to make it big in life, regardless of your goals.


It is relevant for students to focus on skills and habits that are applicable for keeping a healthy work-life balance. You may think you don’t need anything because you are at the top of your game. It’s pro-level for many students to submit their papers without freaking out about “who can help me to write my essay” at the last minute. Yet, keeping up with deadlines and assignments is only a part of your journey.


Always Have A Goal To Achieve Success

It is hard to stay organized or feel motivated when you are drifting without a clear goal. It’s also true that your goals and dreams can change with time. It’s also completely normal not to know what you want to do at all. Your college degree is your main goal, while additional aspirations can help you to stay focused and encourage you to reach new heights.

Success is a relative concept because it’s not a universally shared value or experience. You have to define what brings you fulfillment and follow the path you feel is yours. You never know whether you will succeed if you haven’t tried to learn more about your interests.  

For instance, do you want to become a fashion or tech blogger? Start looking for the best platforms, resources, and tips on writing and promoting your blog. Do you want to become a better cook? Start collecting recipes and practicing new dishes every time you have a chance.

Time Management is The Foundation When We Talk About Success

Many students have a lot on their plate. Balancing a job, studies, and social life is one of the toughest quests one can have. Yet, you can’t simply opt out of half of it when you feel overwhelmed. That’s when time management saves your day.

Time management allows you to reduce stress, improve your planning skills, and boost communication. There are various techniques and styles you can apply:

  • The Pomodoro technique is perfect for students who have managed their schedules and need to focus on the task. In other words, you get to work for 30 minutes and have a 5-minute break to avoid getting distracted or bored. This technique emphasizes the importance of taking breaks between your tasks and improving recovery to maximize your results.
  • Kanban board is a technique that allows you to visualize what goals you need to do, what is in progress, and what is done. Having the “done” section in your list can be rewarding and encourage you to add tasks to the list. 
  • The Eisenhower box divides your tasks into four categories and helps you to prioritize the most urgent tasks. It also helps to identify less relevant goals and clear up your schedule.
  • Always focus on one task and avoid multitasking. Deep focus on one task is always better than trying to finish ten assignments at once.
  • Reduce distractions when possible. Yet, don’t forget to have breaks and relax with a video or music you like.

Whether you have a notebook or a management app, you need to list all your tasks and responsibilities. It’s easier to navigate through your day when you don’t hold everything in your head.

Take Care of Your Physical and Mental Health

Indeed, taking care of your health is not the most affordable thing in the world. Yet, you may sometimes overlook some symptoms or dismiss resting after a week of studying in favor of a party. While socializing is beneficial, sometimes you need to prioritize healthy sleep, a meal, and a moderate exercise plan. You would thank your future self for having an extra hour of sleep instead of being out.

It’s also normal to ask for help. Many college campuses offer students support and counseling, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed to sign up for them. Be sure to save a contact number of people who can navigate you through the process and know that you are not alone. Taking care of your mental health is a habit that allows you to enjoy your college experience at full.

Perfectionism Is A Mind-Killer

The reasons why you might be a perfectionist are different. Yet, you have to realize that the desire to make everything perfect is rather harmful than advantageous. In a world where everyone presents you with a perfect picture, they forget to mention that work done is better than perfect work turned in late. You also create an environment where you feel constant pressure and stress over how and what you are doing. 
You need to learn early how to overcome perfectionism to avoid procrastination and negative self-talk. Whether you want to start a business or simply enjoy your hobbies, you need to let yourself make mistakes and learn from them. Not a single draft or project was perfect from the moment someone sat down and started working on it. When you focus on progress and process over the result, you gain much more from experience.

Be Proactive To Get More From Your College Experience

The best things happen when you show up. Taking the best from your study years is the idea behind attending college. Whether you join a band, volunteer in the community, or help other students, you get to learn more about others and yourself.

Of course, you don’t need to compromise and always put extra-curricular activities at the top of the list. Yet, you get to meet new people and gain valuable experience. This habit of staying proactive can seal you some good deals in the future.

Stay Curious

Even when you achieve certain heights in your area of interest, it is important to stay curious. A curious person is not only aiming to get knowledge or solidify what they already know. They are ready to be challenged. You are never old enough to stop learning and changing your opinion about something you thought you knew. 

People tend to believe you need to ask questions when you are stuck with a problem. In reality, the more you ask, the more you get. Being curious can help you connect with people and learn about their cultures, build meaningful relationships, and nurture healthy boundaries with others.

The Bottom Line

Success is a long journey that never ends for a person. You can watch countless movies about protagonists breaking through their hardships, read books about maximizing your salary, or attend conventions. The chase for success can be exhausting. 

Or, you can do whatever you can to stay sane, healthy, and content with your progress. You will figure out many things that are working specifically for you. The main lesson of having habits that promote success is to always listen and look forward to a new day.  

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