A Preface To Different Types Of Pool Covers Available Online Instantly

pool cover

Pool covers have become a necessity for any home with a swimming pool. They can come in many different shapes and sizes, depending on the type of pool you have. They all serve to keep debris and the general public out of your pool while it’s not in use. 

Some people want to keep their pool cleaner than others, or they just don’t want anyone to get into their pool. When you start looking at pool covers online, you will certainly come across different amazing pool covers styles and types. If you are going to buy a new pool cover, then here’s a breakdown of some rending choices in the market:

Solar Rollers & Blankets (to heat your pool)

Solar blankets absorb the sun’s rays and heat your pool water. They usually come with a built-in pump to control water’s speed and flow rate going over your solar blanket. Pool blankets can be placed on a solar cover reel or hanging off a reel designed for solar blanket use. You can buy these amazing pool covers from a company that Just covers Perth.

Reusable Pool Covers

Reusable covers are made from durable, heavy-duty vinyl and come in many different colors and patterns to match your decorating needs! They come in many different sizes, but they only fit pools that have skimmers and return jets (a return system is needed for your filter to work properly). However, there are reusable covers that fit most hot tubs.

Premium Debris & Leaf Covers (to keep the leaves out)

Premium leaf and debris covers will keep leaves and debris from clogging your pool filter. The decking out of the cover also aids in keeping leaves and debris from falling into the pool. In addition, many people choose to invest in a wind-like cover because -at its most basic level- it keeps wind from blowing in your pool. These covers can be placed on top of or underneath a standard solar blanket, which is why you need to make sure that your solar blanket has holes in it to allow airflow through while it’s submerged in water.

Pool Safety Net (to keep the kids safe)

Pool Safety Nets are ideal for households with children. The 4′ diameter by 7′ tall net can easily be taken down and folded when not in use. However, when you have equipment designed to enhance the pool experience, it can be hard to find the time to fold it up every time you aren’t using it. That is why many of today’s safety nets are collapsible and come with a storage bag for when they are not in use.

Vinyl Covers or Plastic Covers (both fit)

Vinyl covers come in many different styles, but one of their most popular is folding style pool covers. Plastic covers are also a popular choice and are also made from vinyl. They can be purchased cheap, or you can go with a more expensive cover that is much higher quality.

Some special covers are made with heavy-duty vinyl pool covers. These covers come with reinforced seams to protect them from tearing. 

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