Advantages of using Dispatch Services for Cargo Transportation

Every owner-operator faces similar problems at the beginning of his career. Where to look for cargo? How to negotiate with clients? What rates exist, and which of them are more profitable? How to make an excellent and efficient route? How do I keep track of courses? How do you organize reefer loads for owner-operators?

And when you start to understand these issues, dozens of others must be solved independently. Is it necessary? Not obligatory. When there is a good dispatch service that will take care of these troubles, you should not waste your time on research. It is better to focus on your work and give professionals the authority to search and organize cargo transportation. How does it work? We will tell you now.

What do Dispatch Services do?

Dispatchers are intermediaries between the client and the owner-operator or transport company. These specialists combine information support, operational work, and customer service. This makes them indispensable workers. They constantly contact customers, looking for new shipments, invoicing, and reporting. Also, their duties include constant communication with truckers. After all, unforeseen situations happen on the road that can affect the speed and quality of cargo delivery. The dispatcher will deal with this remotely.

Truck dispatchers are constantly in contact with truckers to inform customers about the location of the cargo and the estimated delivery time. This is important for well-coordinated work and customer satisfaction. So your business will be contacted repeatedly, which means you have more profit. Dispatchers can also manage the fleet, controlling the work schedules of truckers and truck maintenance. Dispatchers spend most of the working day maintaining communication between drivers, agencies, and customers.

A dispatcher in your company can solve many problems and become an ideal tool for old and new drivers, helping your business succeed. By hiring a competent dispatch service, you can achieve the following results:

  • Guarantee a constant flow of goods and profitable tariffs.
  • Negotiate more favorable tariffs.
  • Sign agreements with brokers.
  • Monitor the creditworthiness of customers and book cargo from reliable companies.
  • Send invoices for transportation to a factoring company.
  • Monitor the work schedule of truckers and help them in their work.
  • Make the most time-efficient routes for cargo transportation.
  • Reporting on each transportation.
  • Fleet management.

All these tasks are your saved nerves and hours of work that will no longer be your concern. We believe that managers and owner-operators should be engaged in more important things than negotiating with brokers or searching for a weather forecast. Therefore, these and many other tasks listed above can be safely given to the dispatching service.

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