Artificial Turf Is For You

Getting To The Green

When we think about ecological and environmental waste in the United States of America, you have to consider golf courses immediately, as these golf courses are taking up a considerable amount of space in our country. In fact, if you look at countries that have many golf courses across their land masses, those countries tend to have increasing unfairness and income inequality. Grass is more valuable than we think, because when we think of grass, we think of something that is an obvious commodity that everyone has access to, correct? In fact, that is not the case, specifically because people are willing to give the millionaires and billionaires that spend their time on golf courses far too much leeway.

In fact, people make business decisions in these exclusive places that have an incredibly racist history in the United States of America. You have to be born into the right circles to be welcome in those spaces, and even if you make a ton of money, you will still be excluded as a result of racist, classist and political decisions that seek to retain the status quo. Unfortunately, when we think of grass, we have to consider this type of inequality in any country. As a result, developing a relationship with companies like is a way to make an ecologically and environmentally friendly decision that will be much better for the earth than the golf courses that are quite literally hoarding grass.


Helping You Under Your Feet

The United States of America is in a massive housing crisis, and the existence of millions of golf courses in this world is only going to take away from the available land that people could build homes on. The United States is world renowned for an unwillingness to help disadvantaged members of society because most Americans are not willing to help someone in need if they have to live next to or regularly see the needy person. The reason for this is Americans see poverty as the moral failing of the poor individual as opposed to the failure of the society that allowed this poor person to slip through the cracks with no support and assistance.

Furthermore, the structural conditions that lead to inequality are also embodied in the thought of grass in the United States of America. Think about the overall lack of green spaces and lack to access to greenery in poorer spaces in the country, especially given that these areas are known as food deserts with no groceries for decent meals. Consequently, there are people living in this country who barely have access to any sort of grass whatsoever because these people are living in poverty and struggling to get it together. If you think about the disgruntled antics of people who are unable to make ends meet in this country, you can see how these are people who cannot simply touch grass to reconnect with the world around them.
People tend to gamble with their lives when making decisions in America because of the incredible and insurmountable poverty that people experience. Sadly, the access people have to any sort of grass whatsoever is so minimal and so tainted by unclean living conditions that you might not even want to touch the grass around you. So even in those areas where people are hurting and fighting to survive, artificial turf might just be exactly what they need to create the type of environment that can boost their mental health. Being able to smell beautiful flowers and frolic in gorgeous trees is better than nothing, but the artificial turf can actually mimic these conditions in such a way that you can get the best possible experience you can have.

Ground Support System

When you are moving forward in life, you are going to want to find ways to reconnect with the environment around you as best you can. That artificial turf can be the structural development that science has to offer that can rebuild your environment mentally and emotionally. If you decide to search online, you will find out that your search helpfully goes to the dystopian future, where none of us has access to beautiful tiny green plants. This is truly the way that we can move forward, as we have the tenacity to find ways to make the artificial experience look and feel real, representing yet another advancement in science.

You may laugh at this and say this seems like an exaggeration, but it is absolutely true: the existence of this type of artificial plant that merits human interaction is a huge step forward for mankind. We need to say goodbye to the days of exhausting land in service of our perfect ideals of what grass should be. Let it grow wild, let it become an expression of your creativity via the artificial turf, and as a result, let the real grass grow wild and attract biodiversity.

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