Beach Hats for Men – The Perfect One to Stay Protected from the Sun

If you love to unwind on white sandy beaches, you’ll need to protect yourself from the sun and UV rays. And you will never be on the beach without your sun hat. Then, beach hats come in a variety of sizes, styles, shapes, colors, and fits. They not only look appealing but also are functional on a pristine beach kissed by the sun’s rays. Though will find many online stores selling sun hats for men, you need to look for the one that best suits your beach vacation needs and personal style. 

According to an article published in Huffington Post, your sun hat is the best summer accessory, but not just anything, especially the oversized varieties. Here are a few aspects to consider when buying a sun hat to make your vacation enjoyable:

The level of protection you want 

A sun hat protects your eyes no doubt. It covers the top of your head as well from the scorching heat on the beach. And these hats are also best for men who have a receding hairline. The sun hats also feature brims to protect your neck and face from the sun. 

A typical canvas safari will ensure maximum protection from the heat, and a mesh safari features a few holes to let some sun rays in, however, ensure maximum air circulation to help you stay cool on a summer day. If you are looking for all-around protection, settle for a classic and stylish sun hat that comes with a brim. 

Brim size matters 

A hat’s brim could be short or long. You need to wear one depending on your sense of fashion and needs. If you like a shorter brim, you’ll look chic wearing it, but it will not protect your face from the sun. Then, if you are fine with using sunscreen lotion, you don’t need a beach hat with a brim too wide. 

On the contrary, if you want protection from the sun and avoid using sunscreen, opt for a sun hat with a long brim, at least measuring seven inches long. You can look up men’s sun hats on websites like

What style and material suit you?

You like to wear a beach hat not only to protect your face from the sun but also to look your best. What about typical bell caps that is never old-fashioned and perfect for men as well as for women? Even visors are best for beach days in the summer. These hats protect your eyes as well as let you flaunt your hairstyle. 

Again, if you have a liking for an extra-long as well as wide brim ensuring complete face coverage, a face-saver hat is your best bet for the beach days. This hat will not make your face turn red with the sun’s heat. 

For style, men can pick out a classic straw hat that looks great on them. Choose something airy, comfortable, and simple to clean. 


Make your beach vacation comfortable and fun by wearing the best sun hat. Look good and stylish as well as stay protected from the heat. 

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