Dress Code for Visiting a Gaming Store:

Today, the world of fashion is quite democratic, and people can dress whatever they like. However, casinos are still not welcoming this freedom, and many people still don’t know what exactly one should look like to be allowed to enter a casino. The casino dress code is different from the outfits allowed in nightclubs. Nevertheless, many casinos co-exist with other venues, the rules are becoming more general, therefore, less strict.

While some consider the necessity to dress up for a casino an advantage because they enjoy the process of getting ready, as well as being admired by other people, there are those who would rather stay home in their pajamas playing their favorite ZodiacCasino games online. Even if you belong to the second type, we still recommend visiting a land-based casino hall following the rules of the dress code to feel the atmosphere there.

Casino Dress Code for Men

Since royal times in the United Kingdom (from where this tradition was inherited), the appearance of a man in royal circles has been paramount. A careless person was not allowed to attend any festive event. Today, there are several dress code options for men who want to visit a land-based gambling hall.

  • White tie – This is what the strictest dress code is called. It consists of a black tailcoat, a white waistcoat with three buttons, a white bow tie, and an appealing pocket square.
  • Smart casual is a casual style permitted at some gaming establishments. Men can even wear baggy pants, jeans, and shirts with long sleeves.
  • Men’s cocktail dress code: For more festive casino events, one should select a black or gray suit, as well as a single-coloured classic shirt.
  • Black tie dress code: For this look, one should be dressed in a classic dark suit, add a bow tie or tie in black/bright colour.

Many contemporary land-based gambling establishments allow men to combine styles. The only requirement is that the elements of the wardrobe look harmonious and complement each other. But keep in mind that the institutions that regularly carry out tournaments and where the elite of the society is gathering impose stricter rules in terms of the dress code of attendees.

What about Women?

If you want to look stunning in a casino, a cocktail dress will be a perfect outfit for the occasion. If a lady is going together with a man, it would be best of all to discuss the outfits so that your couple looks harmoniously. 

Accessories are a crucial element of the woman’s image. Unlike men, women can more easily diversify their style and appearance. The classic and most comfortable solution is to carry a handbag. It can be of either the same colour as an outfit or of a different one. Black leather or suede accessories are especially popular in the evening wardrobe. In addition, they can be decorated with embroidery, voluminous textures and stones. And remember that combining the colour of the handbag and shoes is Movietone.

We hope that you will have fun in a casino, as well as enjoy the process of choosing outfits for this occasion.

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