Drink and drive – Does it influence your claim after an accident?

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Alcohol generates alterations in the central nervous system, making it difficult to drive a vehicle accurately and safely, so we should not drive under its influence. Many people believe that alcohol takes time to show its effect. Alcohol, as soon as it enters the body, goes to find the organs that contain more water. 

One of them is the brain. Our brains cannot block the entry of alcohol. It means that the first symptoms of this poison appear in seconds. 70% drink and drive road accidents are fatal, and 30% are moderate to severe. Above all, you risk not only your life, but also those who depend on you.

What makes Alcohol Disappear?

Can you ingest something so that the alcohol level is low as soon as possible? No. Only time and the body make alcohol disappear from the body. Blood alcohol content depends on many factors. For example, women who drive are less sensitive to its effects since they have approximately 55% water in their body, while men have 68%. 

Alcohol seeks water as stated above. Therefore, if a man and a woman of equal weight consume the same amount of alcohol, the alcohol content will be higher and more diluted in the man than in the woman. If you reached the maximum blood alcohol limit, your body will take 4 hours to detoxify it completely. Driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal.

How it affects your insurance claim and compensation?

If you hit someone with your car and the person (s) get severe injuries or die, your insurance company will take the chance not to give you the claim amount in any situation. Do you know why? When you make an accident, the police will send you for a medical examination. 

If the authority finds alcohol in your blood and states the same in the report, the insurance company will neglect your claim. Even if the accident was not your fault, you will be on the negative side. The police will state the same in the report after a car inspection – the person was not wearing the seat belt, was under alcohol influence, had hit someone with his car. 

However, you are not hopeless. In this situation, you will need the help of an experienced law professional. Remember, consuming alcohol and driving is the one of the primary causes for inevitable accident cases. 80% drink and drive cases are at-fault and 20% cases are no-fault. 

In the end

Consequently, you must understand that only three subjects can claim the damages – the driver of the vehicle, the owner of the vehicle and the insured. Besides the breathalyzer tests, the police or civil guard usually collect what aspects the driver had, such as the smell of alcohol, erratic walking, medical conditions, and difficulty in speaking or movement, to prove whether the driver was under the influence of alcohol.

Consuming alcohol alters your ability to control your mind and muscle, thus affecting your abilities to drive (reflexes, vision, balance, perception of time and distance). Do you want to drink alcohol? Do it. Kindly do not drive. Take a taxi, or ask your friend to drop you.

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