Everything you need to know about dosage uses and side effects of Myrbetriq before you
start the medication

Myrbetriq helps in relaxing the urinary bladder muscles and reducing bladder spasms. Aid taking it in combination with other drugs. It is best for treating the symptoms of urinary bladder over activity. These may be urgent urination, frequent urination, and urinary incontinence. Myrbetriq is prescribed to children and adults to treat NDO or neurogenic detrusor over activity and overactive bladder. 
Also, it is effective for treating symptoms of urgent urination and other such issues. It may
sometimes be used with other medicines known as solifenacin, thereby positively changing the
human body. Urinary incontinence resulting from neurogenic detrusor over activity
permanently damages the nerve system. It results from conditions like multiple sclerosis and
spinal injury. These tablets are used in children and are effective above the age of 3 years.

 Follow these guidelines before you take medicine

If you are allergic to the pill, you must not take it. Ensure that the medicine is secure for you,
and that’s why you must tell the doctor if you have the following:
● High blood pressure 
● Bladder obstruction 
● Kidney disease 
● Liver disease 
● Trouble emptying the bladder  
Tell your medical practitioner if you are breastfeeding or pregnant. You may stop the drug if the
symptoms are getting severe. Along with this, the drug is not for children below the age of 3

 How will you take Myrbetriq?

You have to take the drug as prescribed by your doctor. Follow the directions and go through
the prescription label and the medication guide. In case you are taking it with other drugs, take
the medication at the same time. You must accept the tablet with an entire glass of water,
swallow the capsule, and not crush it. You have to shake the suspension before taking the
For adults, you may use this tablet with or without food. However, children must take the drug
with food. Children and adults must take the granules of the drug with water. The pharmacist

sometimes mixes the granules of the drug with liquid that helps you quickly take the

 Instructions when you miss a dose or overdose yourself

If you have missed a dose, you must take it as soon as you remember and ensure that there is
at least a 12 hours gap between 2 doses. If you overdose, you must get medical attention as
fast as possible. 
The drug has no side effects and is safe for children and adults. 
However, you must tell your doctor about your medical history and see that your regular
medication does not interfere with Myrbetriq. 
When trying to think of getting the drug, you may go for online stores because they are available and provide you with Myrbetriq generic price at any time. These agencies will help you with various discount facilities and coupons. Moreover, several stores also have a medical team to analyze the medical condition and prescribe the drug. If you have any doubts, you can meet these representatives in person and get all your questions answered. 

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