Everything You Need to Know About Tire Inflation Safety Cage

Inflating tires is not the most challenging task. Motorists often turn to the service station for this service. To ensure safe and fast tire inflation, you need special cages.

Tire Inflation Safety Cage: What Is It?

Tire inflation safety cage — special equipment that is used at car service stations. It is a kind of cage in which a tire is placed. This way, the mechanic can quickly and safely complete all the necessary work.

Cages are used to work with all types of tires. This accessory makes inflating tires for heavy vehicles and trucks much more accessible. The tire inflation safety cage fixes the tire in a vertical position and prevents it from falling. It allows you to inflate the tire to the desired limit.

Why Use a Roll Cage to Inflate Tires

The primary purpose of the tire inflation safety cage is to ensure safety when working with tires. It should be noted that the equipment is used not only to work with automobile wheels. You can use it for:

  • industrial machinery;
  • heavy machinery;
  • aviation.

The cage securely fixes the wheel, which allows you to perform all the necessary work comfortably. With the help of the frame, you can control the level of inflation. It avoids explosion and defects.

Inflating tires with a cage allows you to identify any defects on the wheel. Thanks to this, you can correct the defect in time or replace the wheel. It significantly reduces the chance of losing control while driving.

The equipment presented in the DealerShop will help in the event of a tire explosion. The cage will prevent parts from flying around and damaging workers or service center equipment.

It is also worth noting that the tire inflation frame allows you to get the job done faster. That is, the mechanic will be able to serve more customers. It is a great plus for the service and people who want to restore the performance of their vehicles quickly.

Buying a tire cage is a significant investment. It not only protects the mechanic, but also avoids car repairs in the future. A properly inflated tire will last much longer.

How to Choose the Right Frame

It is essential to choose the right carcass for safe tire inflation. To do this, pay attention to:

  • type of vehicle with which your car service works;
  • the maximum level of load that the equipment can withstand;
  • features of using a carcass for safe tire inflation.

Buying a tire cage can only harm you if you do not consider all these parameters. Incorrectly sized equipment will not allow you to inflate the right tires. If the load is incorrectly calculated, then the frame may simply burst. Splinters of material can injure workers and damage other equipment. The DealerShop manager will help you select the perfect frame for your service.

Separately, it is worth paying attention to the certification of equipment. The inflation cage must comply with all standards and requirements. It will ensure that the equipment is durable and withstand the specified pressure level.

There are different types of carcass construction for tire inflation. Some portable models, you can move to different places. There are designs with additional equipment. You can decide a cage with built-in compressors and sensors.

Should I Buy a Carcass for Safe Tire Inflation?

Definitely yes. A tire inflation cage will ensure safety and comfort when working with wheels. You need protective equipment, even if your service only works with passenger cars.

The frame for inflating tires will significantly reduce the load on mechanics, allow timely detection of defects on tires, and increase the quality of the service center by several times.

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