Finding Cheap Rental Cars in Halifax

If you are planning to visit Halifax for work or leisure, renting a car happens to be an economical option. Halifax has several attractions, including the Halifax Harbourfront, Point Pleasant Park, Peggy’s Cove, and the National Historic Site. A rented car can make it easier to visit these places at your own pace. Renting a car in Halifax is easy, given that the city has several rental car businesses. 

Before renting your car, consult insurance brokers like Surex for affordable policies to cover your car. Customized packages are available online, even if you are renting a car for a few hours. Without insurance, it would be illegal to operate a vehicle in Canada.

Let’s find out how to find and compare rental cars in Halifax.

Car rental rates in Halifax

Currently, you can get rental cars between $38 and $75 a day. This rate largely depends on the model you choose and the luxury features you opt for. 

Car rental rates can vary depending on several factors, including the location of the rental agency, the type of car, the length of the rental period, and the time of year. Generally, luxury and specialty cars will have higher rates than economy or compact cars.

Is renting a car in Halifax a good decision?

In case you reside in a province other than Nova Scotia, it wouldn’t be logical to drive your own car down to Halifax. Considering the mileage and fuel expenses, many tourists and professionals consider renting a car in Halifax. The city has several garages and parking lots, which makes finding a parking space for the rental car quite easy. 

Although Halifax is a relatively small city, it has several traffic hotspots. You may experience intense traffic early in the morning and the afternoon. So, having a car at your disposal would make it easy for you to navigate through the city.

You can get rental cars in Halifax Nova Scotia at reasonable prices. Adding to your convenience, you get the liberty to explore the places of interest, like the beaches and harbors in the city. So long as you have your driving license and insurance, you can rent a car in Halifax.

Tips for finding cheap rental cars in Halifax

Having a sound strategy makes anything easier, even finding a rental car.

Let’s explore some effective strategies to remain on the economic end while looking for rental cars in Halifax.

Compare rental aggregator websites

Rather than approaching the first car rental company in Halifax, explore the top review aggregator websites. These sites bring you the privilege of comparing available options and finding the best deal. Once you narrow your options down, visit the rental company’s website and look for possible discounts. 

However, most companies won’t refund the amount if you prepay the rental. If you come across a better deal later, you will regret missing it. So, check out refundable deals so you can cancel them any time you want.

Ditch the airport

In case you have just landed at the airport in Halifax, try not to get the rental car instantly. You need to shell out the surcharges at the airport, which wouldn’t allow you to remain on the affordable end. 

Why pay the customer facility charges when you have the provision of better deals a few miles away? 

This surcharge might be pretty high, as the authorities calculate it based on a specific percentage of the rental cost. If you decide to get rental cars in Halifax for a few weeks, the charge can even reach three digits.

So, get out of the airport or find a shared ride to the city before renting your car.

Rent an economy car

Keeping an eye on your wallet, it would be wise to settle with an economy car. The demand for these cars remains high since they are the cheapest. So, try to book your rental car in Halifax well in advance.

However, economy cars are the smallest. So, if you are travelling to Halifax with your family, consider the number of passengers it would be carrying. Again, you may need a larger car if you have lots of luggage. After all, you won’t love compromising your comfort when you are on holiday.

Compare rental rates

Car rental companies fix different rates on weekdays and weekends. Again, the rates on holidays might be higher. Once you do some homework online, you can find cheap deals on specific dates. If possible, try visiting Halifax on these days or rent the car on days when you can leverage these discounts. Also, if you rent the car for a longer time, some rental companies might offer discounts.

Renting a car for business purposes might be expensive on weekdays. So, look out for lucrative weekend deals to curtail your cost.

How can you get affordable rental car insurance?

Whether you drive your own car or rent one in Halifax, you need mandatory insurance coverage as per Canada’s legal requirements. Apart from liability insurance, experts recommend getting some additional coverage. How would you compensate for the losses if you collide while driving? Or end up injuring yourself as a result of an unfortunate incident?

Typically, car rental companies offer insurance policies as a part of their packages. You can also reach out to reputed insurance brokers to find affordable deals.

When you insure your rented car, make sure to purchase the following:

  • Third-party liability coverage
  • Theft coverage
  • Collision damage coverage
  • Personal accident insurance

Besides, the rental company might recommend some additional coverage. You need to use your discretion and decide whether paying a premium for such advantages would be worth it. Also, you might have some credit card insurance benefits. Try to bank on these benefits rather than paying an additional premium to the rental company for insurance.


When finding cheap rental cars in Halifax, you would also like to save on your insurance coverage. Reputed insurance brokers would advise you to opt-out of certain privileges to remain on the affordable end. 

For instance, you might not pay premiums for roadside assistance, uninsured motorist insurance, or super collision damage waivers. This explains why you should consult the brokers while purchasing an insurance policy for your rented car.

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