Fresh Fruit Baskets – Great For Office Holiday Parties:

Most offices take a well-deserved break during the holidays. Before that, however, they typically throw a year-end party to celebrate their accomplishments and enjoy light moments with peers. Some keep it simple by keeping the gathering inside the office. Others might book a function room at a hotel or bigger venues. You will find a dizzying array of food and drinks at these parties coming from the best catering shops in town. Despite the abundance, it is still a good idea to order from fresh fruit baskets and make these available for everyone. 

1. Colorful Display to Whet the Appetite

It is not enough for food to be delicious. It also needs to be visually attractive to whet the appetite and get people excited to eat. That’s why chefs make it a point to enhance their presentations. They tend to add color to plain food using sauces and garnish, for example. Fortunately, you won’t have that problem with fruits since they are naturally colorful. You can order different types with a basket from Express4Fruits. They will make sure to include only the freshest harvests with colorful skins that will make heads turn from across the room. Watch as people flock to these and rave about their taste. 

2. No Need for Lots of Preparation

You might not have a lot of time to prepare for your office party with all the work that you need to finish before the break. Instead of making the dishes from scratch, you can simply order from restaurants or specialist catering services. They could set everything up for you, so everyone can just dig in and have fun. If you order fruits, then you won’t have to do much either. Just place them on the tables and let people grab whatever they want. You don’t even need to keep them hot or cold, unlike many dishes. They will taste amazing just as they are. Of course, you can also process them into salads or make them part of dessert recipes if you wish. 

3. Quick Snacks before the Main Course

There may be times when the food is late, leaving everyone hungry as they wait. You might also want to finish a certain program that includes prize draws, awards recognition, and parlor games before serving the main course. In the meantime, you can just make the fruit baskets available so that people can get a quick bite if they want to. In fact, you can make it a habit to bring in fresh fruits for everyone even on regular days. These are the best snacks that people can have during their breaks, keeping energy high to stay productive throughout the shift. Unlike sugary snacks, they won’t cause a massive energy spike and crash. 

4. Healthy Desserts for Weight Control

After the meals are served, people are likely to crave for dessert. You can prepare the usual fare such as ice cream, cake, and the like. You might also want to add fresh fruits to the list of options just to have something healthier on the table. This should appeal to those with a sweet tooth but aren’t keen on gaining extra pounds or getting their blood sugar too high. After all, the holidays are filled with multiple parties occurring one after another. These almost always lead to excessive consumption. It is always nice when they can enjoy the food on offer without worrying too much. 

5. Tasty Treats with Universal Appeal

If you are hosting the party, then you are probably trying to figure out what food would appeal to all the workers. Everyone has their own personal preferences and dietary restrictions. One type of dish may appeal to some but not to others, so you will have to balance it out with another thing which may be on the opposite spectrum. It is hard to find food that has universal appeal, but that is exactly what fruits are. A fruit basket will make it even more diverse, so you can please people who like it sweet, sour, tangy, and so on. 

6. Affordable Food for Big Parties

You might want to throw a grand party at the office, but you often need to scale it back down to what the budget allows. You must allocate your resources well. Find catering services that provide excellent value for money. Instead of splurging on expensive wine, look for delicious yet affordable bottles that everyone can share. Including fruit baskets in the list of food is a great move since these don’t cost much per unit weight. You can buy several baskets to feed everyone, along with the other dishes on offer. 


Make your office party a memorable one. Lean on experts to help you, so you don’t get too stressed out with all the details. Consult a catering shop to plan the meals and drinks based on your budget. They will figure out how to stretch your resources and satisfy all the people at your workplace. However, you don’t have to stop there. You can always order other types of food such as fruits and refreshments from other sources. You may also purchase decorations to make the space more festive and create a happy mood for the occasion.

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