Top 16 Gofundme Alternatives That Will Cost You Minimum To Use

Gofundme Alternatives

Gofundme is one of the most attractive crowdfunding platform

Since the website is flooded with users day in and day out, it makes sense why you would be looking into Gofundme alternatives that are equally competent and easy to use.

Fortunately, there are many similar platforms that can help you collect funds and donations for your cause.

When choosing a reliable crowdfunding site, it is important to consider the type of campaign you will be running, associated fees, and the number of people supporting the platform.

There is no harm in doing a bit of online research to figure out which website will suit you the most. To save your time, we have gathered the best of Gofundme alternatives right here!

Easy and Reliable Gofundme Alternatives

Here is a list of popular crowdfunding sites that millions of donors are using around the globe. We have tried our best to bring to you all the required information. If there is an interesting pick, we suggest readers to head to their respective official website for further details.

1. Fundly

Fundly is one of the best crowdfunding site that you will find besides Gofundme. An interesting part is that it does not come with any start-up fees but at the same time, offers all the fancy fundraising features that will have you hooked.

You can put up campaign stores, pitch-in videos, relevant photos, and clips to attract more donors. All this comes at a cost of 4.9% platform fee and 2.9% additional charges if you make the payments via credit cards.

2. Indiegogo

If you are looking for something other than Gofundme and Fundly then it does not get better than Indiegogo.

This is an international platform so your word is guaranteed to get around. Indiegogo is currently being utilized in more than 200 countries as a business-based crowdfunding website.

It charges a whooping, flat 5% platform fee. On top of that, users would also have to pay 2.9% + $0.30 charges for credit card processing, if needed.

3. Kickstarter

This website was launched in Nigeria as a part of the project to raise funds for creative artists such as musicians, curators, or filmmakers.

Kickstarter was one of the earliest websites that introduces “all or no funding” policy. This meant that you had to set a campaign goal for fundraising. If you are successful in collection the sum of donations, you get to keep it. Otherwise, the money would be sent back to the donors.

There are no start-up fee. However, the platform charges up to 5% processing fee and 5% additional fee on the collected amount once the campaign is closed.

4. Patreon

With its effective content, easy subscription, and amazing customer support service, Patreon can give leading crowdfunding sites a good competition.

Luckily, you don’t need to worry about “all or nothing” policy with this platform. Here you get to choose whatever your campaign is able to collect even if it does not reach the target amount.

Patreon charges a typical 5% platform fee. However, this is just for basic users. If you upgrade to its Pro or Premium plan, you would have to pay 8% and 12% respectively.

5. GoGetFunding

GoGetFunding was launched in 2011 to help individuals collect funds for personal causes or projects. It currently deals in more than 23 currencies and is considered to be one of the best alternative to platforms like Gofundme and Indiegogo.

The website will deliver the funds instantly once you receive them from a donor. The transfer is made via PayPal.

Each donation carries $0.30 handling fee along with 4% platform fee and 2.9% credit card processing charges.

6. JustGiving

It is one of the older Gofundme alternatives that still hosts a large number of campaigns and has helped collect more than 4 billion pounds till date.

However, users are not impressed by the fact that they are bound to pay 5% fee on every donation. This is much more than monthly subscriptions imposed by other similar crowdfunding websites.

After quite a lot of backlash, the site cut down the charges to 1.9% per donation and removed considerable number of other fees as well. Since then its use has immensely increased especially in the United Kingdoms.


Givebutter stands out as one of the leading platform that caters to more than 30,000 charitable concerns around the globe. It works on non-profit basis with superb customer support service and easy campaign management.

There are in-built tools to help you track fundraiser progress and manager member’s information. Each user has to pay up to 5% platform fee although you can enjoy a fee-free phase on trial basis before you opt for a subscription.

8. CAF Donate

CAF is another website quite popular in the UK as Gofundme alternatives. It has a user-friendly interface that allows candidates to edit and promote their campaigns and collect funds without any hassle.

Currently, CAF Donate is working with at least 5000 charitable centers worldwide. It charges 3.2% fee for one-time donation. You can opt for regular contribution instead that would reduce the fee to 2%.

9. Cropital

An alternative to Gofundme has been recently launched in 2021 with the name Cropital.

It is a lending-based crowdfunding platform where donors can give money for a new project but, according to the terms of this website, each supported would hold a share in the project sales later on.

Cropital also charges 5% fee for ever investment. The difference from the majority of the other sites is that this amount goes directly to the farmers in Philippines. Being an agriculture-based country, it hopes to promote its farmers while giving donors an opportunity to earn online.

10. Bonfire

Bonfire crowdfunding website is popular among the youths due its new and interesting method to spread awareness about a project and raise funds.

It basically offers a t-shirt designing tool that lets customers choose and edit a shirt of their choice. They can then sell these and collect donations.

The website charges 8% fee for additional donations but the the bill is much less when you are selling t-shirts.

11. The Spark Project

The Spark Project is a pretty reliable alternative to Gofundme website. Here the campaigns are run on reward basis where supporters can join hands to help complete a project and enjoy promotion in return.

A feature that stands out here is that only unique and creative campaigns are allowed. Therefore, you have to summon the artist in you when designing posters or videos for this platform.

There is a downside though!

The Spark Project is quite expensive as compared to other similar crowdfunding websites. It charges 10% fee when your campaign is successful and 15% if you are not able to hit the target amount. Moreover, $50 set-up is a must for every user.

12. FundRazr

This one is a simple yet competent website to win you donations and promote your cause. FundRazr comes with state-of-the-art technology coupled with social media support to ensure your voice is heard across all sources.

In fact, the inbuilt tools on FundRazr are especially dedicated to making it easier to share campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social websites.

Moreover, you can create a project for free here using your own words, stories, pictures, and videos!

13. Pozible

Pozible is gaining popularity in recent days thanks to its simple layout and features that could help you collect much needed funds.

It is one of the websites that currently maintains the highest project success rate. With more than 15,000 projects in action right now, Pozible is a good choices besides Gofundme where you can invest your efforts and money.

The best part? It comes with the lowest fees you would find in the market.

Pozible charges 3% platform fee for projects over $500,000, 4% fee for those over $100,000 and 5% for projects that range between $1 to $100,000.

14. Snowball Fundraising

Snowball Fundraising is another platform for collecting non-profit funds.

There are some unique features that set this website apart. First of all, the owner is an entrepreneur himself who understands that importance of transparency in such businesses.

Moreover, the platform is backed up by Snowball software. This tool provides guidance in helping the users maximize their donations and manage donor tracking as well.

Snowball Fundraising is composed of 3 different plans with variable charges. The Enterprise would cost you $999 per year, Premium is accessible at %549 per year whereas Essential plan is free of cost.

15. DonateKindly

Although there is not much to this site, its easy accessibility and free use made us consider it as a viable Gofundme alternatives.

However, you will be disappointed to find out that it is not as feature-rich as some of the other choices that we have discussed above.

16. Custom Ink

The last alternative on our list is Custom Ink. You can consider it similar to Bonfire since this is another T-shirt fundraising website.

You can design creative shirts and campaign up to 5 different products in a single project. A nice catch is that the website lets you market your products for free. There is not platform or annual fee.

However, this only stands if the donor buys the shirt, the amount of which goes directly to fundraising. If someone chooses to make a straight donations, it will carry a fee equivalent to 2.9% of the contribution.

Wrapping Up

The concept of crowdfunding has been utterly useful for certain non-profit campaigns and individuals. It is now gaining more popularity as higher number of Gofundme alternatives have come into limelight.

Whether you are an individual who wish to market your own product, someone working for non-profit organization, or an entrepreneur setting up a new business, there are many crowdfunding platforms that can help you with this endeavor.

The 16 websites that we have discussed above have helped not only large companies but small business owners as well in raising funds and creating awareness about their products/services.

Now you know that when you need help, there are other places to look at besides Gofundme! We hope that this article would help you narrow down the search for the right fundraising platform for your cause. Good luck!

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