How Many Enchantments Can a Sword Have and Which One To Choose?

How Many Enchantments Can a Sword have Minecraft

Enchantment is another feature in Minecraft that lets the gamer enjoy the experience at full blaze but how many enchantments can a sword have in a Minecraft is the question that have kept players confused for a while now.

Enchantments Help You Improve Your Weaponry and More!

Before I answer your questions about “how many”, some of you might want to know why enchantments are useful in the gameplay.

The biggest advantage is that these will let you upgrade your weaponry where you have saved your tools and armor. Better collection of weaponry means your character would have higher chances of survival!

How Many Enchantments Can a Sword Have In Minecraft?

Multiple enchantments are available for your use. However, the trick is that they are specific for the type of equipment or the sort of improvement that they offer.

For example, some enchantments can help improve durability of an item while other increase its strength. You would have to become a Minecraft pro by learning which ones are more useful at what occasions.

Now as for the real question: How many enchantments can a sword have? The legit answer is there is no limit!

Minecraft allows its players to top up multiple enchantments on a single item so you use as many as you want on a sword as long as it makes it more effective.

The downside? Stacking up one enchantment over another is not easy. It requires time as well as experience!

Moreover, there IS a limit on number of enchantments that are available to work with a sword. These include:

  • Bane of Arthropods.
  • Curse of Vanishing.
  • Fire Aspect.
  • Knockback.
  • Looting.
  • Mending.
  • Sharpness.
  • Smite.
  • Sweeping Edge.
  • Unbreaking.

According to some players, it is not possible to use all the 10 enchantments on a sword. In fact, you can use only 8 of them at a time. However, I have read different reviews about this and I plan to gather more information before drawing a final verdict.

It Does Make a Difference Which Sword Enchantment You Use In The Game

As I mentioned before, different enchantments bring about different benefits. You have to be aware of what each one does so you can use it tactfully.

Bane of Arthropods: Earns extra damage to arthropod mobs. As the name suggests, this is only a good choice if you plan on tackling a spider farm.

Curse of Vanishing: This spell is used make an item disappear on death.

Fire Aspect: Is there even a surprise here? This enchantment would literally set the targets on fire. You can cook fishes or cows without worrying about smoker as once hit by fire aspect, they will drop as cooked meat right away.

Knock-Back: Increase the range of knock-back attack for your sword. This is ideal when you wish to create distance between yourself and the opponents.

Looting: With the exception of EXP drop, looting enchantment works wonders in increasing the chances of dropping items when you are killing a mob. In this way, you can wish to gain more from common, uncommon, or rare loots.

Mending: This one has to be a leading enchantment in the game. It uses your experience to regain durability of the weaponry. (2 EXP= 1 DURABILITY).

Sharpness: It increases the extent of damage from melee weapons such as swords and axes. When you reach level 5, your sword can have 3 damage points in Java Edition.

Smite: It can be used to inflict extra damage on the enemies and undead mobs. It is most effective against Zombies.

Sweeping Edge: This enchantment is only available in Java Edition. It increases the damage that the sword inflicts on the enemies. You would love to use Sweeping Edge when facing a large group of attackers.

Unbreaking: It also increases durability of the items in your weaponry. In fact, Unbreaking enchantment would help maintain the durability without any loss.

Good News: There Is a Hack To Getting Highest Level Enchantments In Minecraft

So when you are trying to lay your hands on enchantments, 99.9% of the players rely on the Enchanting Table. Fair enough, but, it does give out the spells randomly and in most cases, you might not get what you need.

To increase your chances of getting the highest level of enchantments, I suggest you look into Enchantment Book instead.

Players can obtain these by trading with villagers. Afterwards, you can combine the table and the book to get highest-leveled enchantments for your sword as well as other items in the weaponry. Cool, right? I though so too!

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