How Posting Stories & Going Live Can Help You Peak At Your Business 


Instagram was launched as a visually aesthetic social media platform where individuals can post pretty pictures. But over the past few years, the scenario has changed a lot. It is no anymore just about posting beautiful pictures.

This platform has become the home to different types of content pieces, and businesses are required to keep up with that. 

For all those small businesses that often have limited budgets for social media marketing, stories and going live can be really effective as a part of digital marketing tools. It is some of the most efficient opportunities for connecting with your customers. 

However, before you post any stories, you need to ensure that the stories are visually aesthetic and maintain a certain quality. Several tools and software are available to create quality content. And you can download them from thepirateproxybay for free. 

Reason To Use Instagram Stories & Go Live For Business

You might be wondering how stories and going live can help your business. It is because only photos and videos are not going to help you much. Here, we will talk about the major reasons why you should utilize the potential of stories and live on Instagram or even Facebook. 

#1 Interact With Your Audience

You might not know that stories are designed to be much more interactive than regular posts. You can use features like read more, poll, ask a question, and many more for properly interacting with your customers. 

Now, coming to going live, we do not think there are any questions regarding the interactive nature of this particular feature. You can directly communicate with your customers and followers. You can answer their queries at the very moment when you are going live. 

#2 Reach More People

When you are posting on your feed, it is not enough to attract more of your followers. Also, when you are posting an Instagram story, it will appear at the top of your follower’s feed. That means there is a high chance that they will surely watch it. 

With this, you are getting an opportunity to reach more people. Studies state that more than 70% retention rate can be achieved by posting 5 stories every day. And the best part is that if you can not always afford to create much content, you can share user-generated content on the stories. 

#3 Generate Leads

Social media marketing is mostly about creating brand awareness. With stories, you can include links, and you can ask your customers to make a purchase from there. This will help a lot to generate leads. 

By going live, you can provide more detailed information about your business and solve the queries your customers are having. In addition to that, you can direct them to go through the conversion funnel and generate more leads. 

#4 Run Ads

One of the major advantages of an Instagram business account is that you can utilize the power of advertising as well. As per statistics, the estimated advertising reach for Instagram users is around 1.22 billion. Isn’t it surprising?

By going live, you can directly advertise your business and products directly by showing them. We all know that instead of images with camera filters and light, we always prefer to see the products as raw. And going live is perfect for that.  

#5 Increase Engagement

You are doing everything you can in order to increase your engagement. For small businesses, engagement matters a lot. Instagram stories are completely equipped with several features that will help you increase your engagement. 

Polls, ask a question, read more, everything directly tells your followers to engage, and they hardly can skip it. While going live, your followers are directly engaging with you and your business in a wider aspect. 

Final Talks

Yes, stories and going live can really help your business as long as you are utilizing it the right way. Choosing the best content and the right time for going live or posting stories is crucial here. This will make sure that you are getting the maximum number of your target customers or followers. 

We will always recommend you maintain consistency. No one is going to take you seriously if you are not posting stories consistently and going live on a regular basis. Also, if you miss a span, do not forget to apologize to your followers. 

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