Kirby Smart Signs A Record Deal with the Georgia Bulldogs Now:

In college football, the head coach is deemed the most important and significant person in the sports world as they tend to be the highest paid person in the state. 

The Georgia Bulldogs just announced they have come to an agreement with head coach Kirby Smart to a ten-year, $112.5 million contract, and he is now the highest-paid coach in College Football history. However, the discussion changes to have we reached crazy money for collegiate coaches? 

Having a great head coach means your college football picks have a better chance of hitting. Now let’s dive into what this means. 

What Does It Mean? 

Kirby Smart has seven years of experience as a head coach for the Georgia Bulldogs as he joined the program for the 2016 season and has appeared in two National Championship games and won the most recent one.

This contract signifies a lot in an era where college coaches can simply leave their head coaching post and jump to another program as Brian Kelly did to Notre Dame. 

This is a record deal, but it makes sense as college football turns a massive profit for schools, and someone needs to be rewarded. With the NIL (name, image, likeness) allowing players to be paid, someone has to keep them in line, and that is the head coach. 

Recruitment changes, but building a successful program where the roster completely overhauls every four years is difficult to have sustained success. The University of Georgia has figured out that Kirby Smart is the face of the program and has figured out how to get the top recruits and win games. 

As of this writing, Smart has a 66-15 record with a 6-2 bowl game record, so his success is enough to prove he is worth every penny he signed for on the dotted line. Now, it makes it easier to make some college football predictions for the year. 

Building the Program the Right Way

Georgia has an identity as they are going to suffocate their opponents on the defensive game and run the ball extremely effectively in order to win games. This works as most collegiate programs are built to score 35+ points per game, but the Bulldogs are trying to control the time of possession and dominate the opposing offense by forcing quick three-and-outs. 

Kirby Smart has built a program that does not need the flashy quarterback talent that comes along once every handful of years to come, as playing hard and playing for championships are going to attract the best high school recruits and make players transfer into the program. 

It is not hard to find players that want to play hard to try to get noticed when the NFL Draft is approaching, and their eligibility is beginning to dwindle. 

All positions typically are able to get highlighted as offensive linemen, running backs, wide receivers that have the ability to block as well as catch the pass, and the entire defensive unit gets highlighted here over the quarterback. Georgia typically controls the game and plays dominant football, unlike most programs in the SEC, by playing an old-school brand of football. 

Is the Contract Worth It?

This contract gives recruits something to believe in as the National Champions are now able to keep one of the best head coaches in the business and make sure he stays locked up with Georgia. He has built a program to have incredible seasons and keeps them among the best teams in the nation. 

Being an excellent recruiter, talent evaluator, and head coach means a lot, and that price of $11.25 million per year for the next decade seems to be a great price to guarantee some of the most elite college football games that we will ever see. 

Since he is officially locked up, College football picks against the spread will certainly have Georgia as the favorites heading into most weeks. 

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