Materials for Car Body Repair and Painting

When performing body repair, it is important to pay attention to the materials used. To prepare the surface, namely directly removing damage or final work, you need sanding and abrasive materials from the best value auto body supply, which you can easily buy in the online store.

Abrasive pads, sheets, or strips are an excellent solution for stripping primer spots, polishing and removing damage, and removing various marks from the surface of the body.

Old paintwork, enamel or primer marks, and welding seams should be removed before painting the car or its part. Abrasive materials used for car repair must meet high requirements, such as wear resistance, flexibility, and elasticity. This is exactly the kind of material that is presented in our range, and we can guarantee its reliability and quality. With abrasives, most minor damage can be removed without much effort.

Abrasive sanding paper can be used both in the initial stages of work and in the final stages, for example, to give the surface a matt finish.

Various corrosive processes cause considerable damage to the vehicle. They should be dealt with in the initial stages of their appearance so as not to let them spread to a large area of paintwork. Rust not only greatly spoils the appearance of the car but can also significantly damage its performance in general because if the problem is not removed in time, the metal can rot through.

For spot removal of corrosion damage on the car body, you can use a rust removal pen with fiberglass bristles. It makes it easy to get rid of minor damage. 

To remove rust from the paintwork surface, follow these steps:

  • Thoroughly wash and clean the car, and in particular the rust-affected areas, of dirt;
  • Clean the damaged areas by removing all of the paintworks;
  • Degrease and dust the stripped areas;
  • Remove rust with small damages you can use abrasive materials, with significant damages – with the help of special chemicals;
  • If it is necessary to level the surface with a primer, grind thoroughly and paint or enamel.

You can also get rid of rust on the surface of the body with the help of special metal brushes. With their help, large particles of rust are quickly and easily removed, and the remains are then sanded with sandpaper.

Materials for a car painting

Car painting is an important process because it determines the appearance of the car, as well as its performance characteristics. In case of bad painting, corrosion processes may develop on the metal, up to its rotting. 

It is incredibly difficult to perform a full-quality car painting on your own, as it requires a large number of tools, as well as experience and time. To make your car look like new, it is always better to turn to professionals who know their job and have sufficient skills and equipment. 

However, using quality auto paint materials, you can handle small parts, or, for example, update the color of plastic parts.

To paint plastic car parts, you need to follow these steps:

  • Always carry out the work in a well-ventilated room;
  • Carefully prepare the surface that will be painted – first of all, clean off dirt and dust;
  • If necessary, with the help of abrasive materials, grind and level the surface;
  • Degrease the surface;
  • Apply the paint in several layers, drying each one thoroughly.

You can buy paint for plastic at various online stores that specialize in this, for example, Dealer Shop.

If you want to repaint the car after the body repair, you can not use paint but resort to the help of the film. 

With the help of quality vinyl film, you can easily change the appearance of the car and hide the traces of repairs, and in addition, the film wrapping is faster than painting.

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