Maxwell Drever Stresses on the Potential Grounds of the Affordable Housing Shortage:

The affordability crisis is one of the most challenging issues more than half of Americans face. The lack of economical housing units leads many people to live in rental areas causing them to pay exorbitant prices. Therefore, it is essential to analyze the problem and the underlying reasons. Policymakers must consider a positive solution to the shortage of affordable rental units, harps Maxwell Drever. One of the most common reasons is low monthly income, leaving people to spend more than half of their earnings on housing expenses. One essential strategy that can result in a cost-effective response is government finance. However, low household income individuals will not benefit from the same.

Analyzing the problem of unaffordability

One of the most crucial steps to resolving the problem of an economic housing crisis is to analyze the issue. An average household is living under an unfordable roof when they have to spend more than 30% of their monthly income on housing expenses. Since the shortage of affordable living has occurred among the waste majority, the problem gets restricted to the rental housing market. However, the housing crisis encompasses the poor rental population of the country.

Causes of the crisis

Economists consider a house unaffordable by comparing the units of such homes to families with low monthly income. People with meager monthly payments lie below the poverty line, and the housing shortage also compresses those households.

Low monthly income

One of the most significant causes of insufficient rental units is that most households have low to low monthly incomes and cannot afford to pay for the basics of living under the roof. Policymakers must consider the problem of poverty among such people, allowing them to afford the basic amenities, including housing. Since housing is one of the costliest affairs and consumes a vast share of individuals’ income, it is essential to consider enhancing the earnings of such a group of people.

Excessive government regulations

While the rental housing market produces many affordable units, the final cost increases due to irrelevant regulations created by the government; therefore, it is essential to minimize the process of filtering and allow individuals to purchase the house at a low cost. Consequently, irrespective of the private market offering affordable units, the action of policymakers strongly influences the standard of living of most households. The governments of various countries can address this drawback by minimizing the regulation on land and increasing the quality of such homes.

The responses of policymakers

In addition to addressing the problem of low monthly income, policymakers must also consider the responses to high housing costs. Such a step will enable many households to acquire necessities such as medicine and food, says Maxwell Drever.

By providing subsidies to individuals with low monthly income and minimizing regulations, the government and policymakers can provide affordable units to a majority of individuals. 

Establishing affordable housing units is also an effective strategy to lower the rents for the people, allowing them to enjoy a decent living.

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