Prime Video Not Working On Roku? Why and And How Should I Fix It?

Prime Video Not Working On Ruku

Amazon Prime on Roku device is one of the most famous streaming combination that you will find. However, many seem to be concerned about why is Prime Video not working on Roku and I am here to answer the questions!

8 Reasons Why Is Prime Video Not Working On Roku

Let me quickly review 8 of the best ways to get the Prime Video up and running again on your Roku device. We will be starting with the easiest!

Weak Internet Connection Can Be The Primary Reason Why Prime Video Is Not Working On Roku

Before you get down to trying more complicated ways of fixing Amazon Prime video issues on Roku, it is best to just check the internet connection and make sure everything is fine there.

You can use an online application to test the speed of the internet. You can also disconnect and reconnect the internet to make it work again.

Reboot Roku To Take Care of Any Errors In The System

A simple technique is to reboot your Roku device which would take care of any bugs or clear underlying errors. After this, you can try running the Amazon Prime again and see if the issue has been resolved.

Recheck Your Amazon Prime Account For Any Issues

Another possible explanation could be the occurrence of a bug or subscription issues with the Amazon account.

The first thing to do here is to make sure that you still have a valid subscription. After clearing that doubt, recheck how many people are using the same account. It is possible for Roku device performance to become problematic if multiple users are streaming Amazon Prime on it.

Ensure That VPN Is Not Active On Your Roku Device

VPNs are used by many internet surfers and people using third-party apps to avoid geographic restrictions. Experts don’t recommend clients to use VPN with Roku as it can mess with your internet connection settings and results in Amazon Prime video not working smoothly.

Furthermore, VPNs are not supported by Amazon. Therefore, you are more prone to errors and performance issues while using them. It is best to rid your device of VPN before use.

Get Rid of Outdated Version of the Amazon Prime Application

An outdates Amazon Prime application can cause issues as well. You should turn on the auto-update feature to ensure the application is updated timely. If you are updating the device manually, make sure you restart it and check for the problem after that.

If this does not work, you might have to uninstall Amazon Prime application. You can re-install it later on. The uninstallation is done from the main Settings of the app. After this, it is advisable that you remove all the data on the app before re-installing.

Use Updated Firmware on Your Roku Streaming Device

Another reason why the Prime Video is not working on Roku might be because you are using an outdated firmware. Thee devices need updates on regular basis and if it has been long since you paid attention to this the last time, it is about time you get down to fixing it.

The auto-update feature can help you avoid such inconveniences. You keep switch it on through the main settings and continue to use Roku without any issue later on.

Log Out of Your Amazon Prime Account and Log In Again After Some Time

Hopefully, it is just a glitch in the system and you can get rid of it by logging out of the Amazon Prime account temporarily. You can log back in after a couple of minutes and check if the issue has resolved.

Open the Settings on your Amazon application on Roku device and then tap on the unregistered one. You can log out and restart Roku after this. You would have to register the device once again when you log back in using the same credentials as for your Amazon Prime account.

Contact Roku Customer Support Team For Help

If none of the above mentioned tips have worked so far, it is best to get in touch with Roku customer support team and seek help.

Don’t hesitate to explain the situation in detail so that the team can diagnose the issue accordingly and provide the right fixture.

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