Do You Need To Register a Device on To Watch Prime Video Content?

You have to visit the portal when you want to register a device on the TV screen. Once you enter the activation code on the TV, it will allow you to view the Prime Video content on the device. 

The code is 5 to 6 digits long, and it is a combination of alphabets and numbers. Now, on the left side of the screen when you tap to register the device on the Prime website. 

The activation code you will get through this platform lets you link the device to the streaming service. Then, the device is registered with the stream, and you can easily watch the content on the screen.

What To Do With The Codigo Generated on Your Prime video App After Installation?

The Codigo you see on the screen is the activation code for Prime video TV. It will show up when you download and install the app, and afterwards, launch it on the TV to stream any content. 

At this point, the device will ask you for the activation code, which is a must if you want to proceed. You will then enter the code on the web portal and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation procedure. 

Is It Important To Enable Amazon Prime Video 2FA on Your Prime Account?

Do All Prominent Smart Devices Support

You will find that most intelligent devices support streaming from Amazon Prime video. Some names that I have been able to confirm are listed below. 

  1. Samsung TV
  2. Apple TV
  3. Android TV
  4. Sony TV
  5. Roku TV
  6. Chromecast
  7. Firestick
  8. Game Consoles
  9. Xfinity X1

How To Create a Prime Video Free Trial Account Online?

  1. Open your browser and type in
  2. Click on Set Your Free Trial on the next open page and then select Create Your Amazon Account. 
  3. Sign in to your account if you already have one with Amazon. 
  4. If you create a new account, Amazon will request you enter your full name, password, and email ID. Then tap on Create Amazon Account to proceed. 
  5. Wait for the verification link to be sent to your email ID. You have to click on the link and open it for verification to complete. 

How To Find The Activation Code and Register Account On

  1. Open the Prime video app on your TV and choose the Register on Prime Website option. 
  2. The registration code will soon show up on your screen. 

It is how you can find the activation code. Then to enter the code, you have to, 

  1. Open the web browser, and in the search bar, type in 
  2. Log in to your Amazon Prime account and enter the code that you received previously. 
  3. Then tap on the Register Device options, and you are done! 

Is Prime video Activation Different Depending on Which Device You Are Using? 

Yes, the activation procedure is a little different depending on which device you are using. 

Samsung TV

  1. Turn on your Samsung TV and open the app section. 
  2. Then click on the Amazon Prime Video app. Now, you can the Register on the Amazon website in the next step. 
  3. You then have to open on your device and then sign in to your Amazon account, providing the video activation code. 
  4. Tap on the register device option and wait for the devices to sync before you can start streaming. 

Apple TV

  1. Switch Apple TV on and then move to the Main Menu. 
  2. Tap on the Apple Store and then search for Prime Video App. 
  3. Install the app on your TV and click on the Prime Video app to open it and get the activation code. 
  4. Then move to the prime video myTV portal on your device to sign in to the Prime Video account. 
  5. Enter the code here and select Register Device. Wait for Amazon to sync with Apple TV.

Android TV

  1. Switch your Android TV on and press the home button on the remote. 
  2. Move to the section with apps and choose the Prime Video app from here. 
  3. Then choose to install the app and select Register on Amazon Website afterwards. 
  4. Type on the search bar to open the portal. The activation code will show here. 
  5. Sign in to your Prime Video account to paste the code there. 
  6. Select the Register Device option, and you are done!


  1. Turn on the LG TV and then press the bright button on the remote to open further options. 
  2. After that, choose the More icon from the bottom of the screen and then press X next to the Prime Video App option on the app. 
  3. Open the LG store and search for the Prime Video app. Click to install the app.
  4. Use your search bar to search for and open the Amazon website. 
  5. The activation code will show up on the screen, which you must copy and then open the prime video myTV portal to pass the code there. 
  6. Then sign in to your Amazon account with the correct password and username. Tap on the Register Device and click Done. 
  7. Wait a couple of minutes to let the devices sync before you can begin streaming. 


  1. Turn on your Sony TV and click the Home Button, after which you have to open feature apps. 
  2. Click on the Amazon Video icon from the list of apps and choose the option Register on the Amazon website. 
  3. Wait for the registration code. Then open the on the computer and enter the code here.
  4. Select the Register Device option, and you are done!
  5. Wait a few minutes to let the devices sync, after which you are ready to stream.


  1. Turn on your Xbox One or Xbox 360 device, and then connect with the TV before you start activation. 
  2. Open the App section on your Xbox device and search for Amazon Prime Video. Click on it to begin the installation. 
  3. In the next step, click on Register on Amazon Website and wait for the activation code to appear on the screen’s left side. 
  4. Now copy this activation code and search for in the web browser. 
  5. Open your Prime Video account and paste the activation code here. 
  6. Finally , click on Register device, confirm the action, and you are done! 


  1. First, turn on your Roku TV and then click on the home button on the remote to navigate to the section that lets you install the Amazon Prime video app. 
  2. Then tap on Register on Amazon Site. Wait for the video activation code to pop up. 
  3. Now you can open the portal on the computer or any smart device and sign in to your Amazon Prime account. 
  4. You will have to enter the video activation code on the next step and select Register Device to complete the procedure. 
  5. It can take some time for Roku TV to sync with the Amazon Prime account, after which you can browse the content and start watching. 

Xfinity X1 

  1. Turn on Xfinity X1 and download the Prime Video app on it. 
  2. In the next step, activate the voice command on the device and then instruct by saying, “show me Prime Video.”
  3. Then search for Streaming Online Services and enter the Amazon password and username to start watching the content you want to stream. 

To register the Xfinity device on the Amazon website, 

  1. Command to Register Xfinity X1 on Amazon Website. 
  2. Then open on the device. 
  3. Provide the login details to open your Prime Video account, and then enter the registration code. 
  4. Recheck the code and then click on Register Device.

Xfinity X1 demands active use after you get the Membership. Therefore, if you leave the account inactive for a long, you will have to repeat the process when you try to sign in again. 

Mi TV 

  1. Download Aptoide APK on your device and then connect the device to Xiaomi Mi TV. 
  2. Access the TV and open the Security Settings. After that, select Unknown Sources. 
  3. Then press the Home Button and move back to the connected device. Here you have to click on the Aptoide.apk app. Begin to install the app. 
  4. Open the section where all installed apps are present and click on the Downloadable apps. 
  5. Now search for Prime Video Android TV and choose Other Versions to proceed. You will find the 4.8.69 version here. Select this option. 
  6. Begin the download and click Done when it is finished. 
  7. Now Amazon Prime on the TV and move to the app launcher service. 
  8. Here find and click on the Amazon Prime Video app. 
  9. Sign in with your username and password to complete the process. 

Can You Turn Off Prime Video Subscription When You No Longer Need It?

  1. Open the Login portal for Amazon Prime. 
  2. Provide login details to access your Prime Video account. 
  3. Click on Account & Settings. 
  4. Then select Your Account and tap on Membership in the next step. 
  5. After that, select End Membership. 
  6. Tap on Confirm, and your subscription will be cancelled right away. 

You can cancel the subscription anytime, but if you choose to do it right away, within six months of the free trial expiration, Amazon will charge you $2.99 per month. Otherwise, the charges are $5.99 per month. 

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