Straw hat-A Stylish and Trendy 2022 fashion symbol for women

Forget the idea that you can only wear hats on the beach or with a country outfit. Like bags, the straw hat can be adapted to any look, mainly because they have different models and materials that allow you to match the outfit’s mood more easily. After all, it is a classic that never goes out of style, and we are going to prove that the model can be used anywhere and advances the centuries.

The trend is for very pure, very simple, covering shapes. In terms of colors, greens, beiges, blacks and grays and navy blue are very popular and timeless. Finally, the ornaments are rather discreet. Capeline, Panama or simple straw hat – to protect you from the sun while having style, there is nothing like a headgear. Follow our advice to choose the right one for you.

Style and skincare together

Enjoying sunny days in summer requires skin and hair care. Therefore, the straw hat has been an indispensable item for the famous and anonymous who want to unite well being, style and health. Normal hats protect the face from tanning and not from the rays and the scalp. Therefore, it is essential to use straw hat for maximum protection and sunscreen on the face, body and specific products. Besides the white straw, the golden or colored version with personalized bands with the letters of the name became a trend among fashion lovers.

A stylish unisex product

Both men and women can wear straw hat in a variety of styles. Using this accessory is very simple. Its popularity is primarily due to its ultra-lightweight and small openings between the straws for better ventilation and cooling. The key is choosing a style that works whether you are lounging on the beach, dining al fresco, or heading out to brunch in town. For maximum versatility, keep your hat proportions in check, look for styles that still have some structure, and avoid going overboard with beach details like fish appliqués and shell embellishments.

Straw hat for everyday

Opt for jeans with looser cuts and modeling to accompany accessories produced with natural material and leave the look fresher. Jeans and a t-shirt make a perfect combination with a straw hat. Keep your romantic style alive by pairing your girly hat with a dress. Just add a cute pair of sandals and you are done. The straw hat is all about lightness. Therefore, nothing is more suitable than combining it in a look that also conveys this information. 

Fluid, looser and more comfortable models and breathable fabrics (linen, cotton, silk) make a great accompaniment to the accessory. The straw hat accepts interventions well. Tie a scarf or bandana or take the opportunity to wear that brooch on your hat and give a special — and exclusive — touch to the accessory. The other accessories can follow the same discretion as the hat to not compromise the look. As the model has a neutral color, take advantage of the hot season and abuse the colors in the clothes.

How to wear a straw hat at the beach?

Are you considering planning a family trip to the beach? Guess what, straw hats are ideal for this. The straw hats with wider brim offers profound shade. The important thing is that you choose the color well to use the accessory with as many looks as possible. After all, the goal here is to find out how to wear a hat with everyday clothes. 

What should a straw hat look like?                           

Is the hat too tight or too loose? Be aware. The inside must be snug. You must place a finger between the inside of the hat and the head. Although rustic, the hat can be the elegance that completes the look. If you are looking for something interesting, you will certainly find it at best online store. You can find handmade product, as the brands seek to meet the expectations of each of its customers.

How to know which model is ideal for you to use?

The straw hat is already a tradition. The model is a trend, being seen on the most famous beaches and on the heads of many famous people. Straw hat has become an important piece to compose a modern look between men and women. The tip is to take into account your personal style and the model that pleases you the most. After all, it is important that you feel comfortable with the accessory. 

The shape of the face is an important point when choosing the ideal straw hat. Wider brims favor that has a thin face. Taller hats with narrow brims look best on larger faces. That is because this type of hat ends up thinning and elongating the face. Just be careful to choose the right model for every occasion.

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