Streaming Application Development without a Hitch

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Video streaming platforms have gained a significant following for their convenience and effectiveness over the years. They have transformed the delivery of video content. Considering the undeniable and extensive reach of the market, it is not surprising that the development of video streaming services has become a booming business.

But before investing in streaming video apps, it is essential to understand streaming application development. Once you understand these aspects in-depth, you will be better able to discern when and how to create your own streaming app.

What is streaming?

Streaming refers to any multimedia content, live or recorded, delivered to computers and mobile devices over the internet and reproduced in real-time. Webcasts, music videos, podcasts, movies, and TV shows are common ways of streaming content.

How does streaming work?

Videos, music, and other types of media files are prearranged and transmitted in sequential packets of data to be transmitted instantly. And unlike traditional downloads that are saved on your device, streaming media files are automatically deleted once you play them.

All you need to stream is a fast and reliable high-speed internet connection, subscription or access to a streaming app or service, and a compatible device. 

How to Create Your Own Streaming App in 4 Easy Steps

1. Define your niche

To create a video streaming app, you need to choose a niche in the market. In addition to the video-on-demand streaming service, there are many other options, such as:

  • News
  • Sports events
  • Video games
  • Personal content
  • Cartoon
  • Educational content
  • Live tours
  • Events such as meetings, conferences, and speeches.
  • Music promotion

It would be best to execute competitor analysis and market research before creating your streaming app. This will assist you in finding a suitable niche and creating a unique positioning.

2. Operating systems

While it is a top priority to create a live streaming app, you should also consider building your product for web platforms. This will help you get more customers while increasing their satisfaction.

First, create an app and analyze user feedback which you can collect through reviews, comments, social media, polls, surveys, etc. Then, based on this user feedback, you’ll see that many people want to have a streaming website.

3. Develop Your App Monetization Strategy

Integrating the correct monetization model is a critical issue to generate profits and not disrupt the user experience. While companies like Netflix offer paid subscriptions, there are plenty of other monetization strategies you can choose from.

  • Advertising: You can display advertisements and charge companies for placing them within your video streaming application.
  • Freemium: Some contents are free, but users must pay to access exclusive videos.
  • Adblocking: Since various ads can interrupt the user experience, you can charge customers to block them.
  • Paid Subscription: This is a prevalent strategy in video streaming monetization. To access video content, users make payments weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. You can offer a free trial like Netflix so that people can try out your product first.

Note that advertising and ad blocking are monetization models that are especially suitable for apps with a large audience.

4. Get a Content License

To distribute content, all organizations must ensure compliance with the law. You must purchase a license to meet the required standards and stream videos. To create an app like Netflix, you need a content license even if it is within minuscule girth. 

To purchase a license, contact the copyright owner directly or rent the desired content from a reseller who has the right to provide such licenses. You can use both options to meet user demand. 

Also, consider buying exclusive rights to stream certain TV shows, movies, or series. No other website or app will have the right to display them, which means more loyal customers.


It is very profitable to build a live video streaming app – either as a stand-alone business model or as an addition to your marketing mix.

With your platform tailored to your target audience, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.

OTT content can increase your awareness and your conversion rate. This allows you to generate income through advertising, affiliate marketing, or a subscription. Altogether, the benefits almost always outweigh the cost when you want to create your own streaming app. 

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