The Advantages of eQMS over QMS

Every industry is seeing more changes than they could have imagined in the age of digitalization, including those with strict regulations like healthcare and life sciences. As customers are more aware and concerned about quality goods than ever before, it cannot be disputed that these areas need next-generation QMS systems to support critical quality processes and procedures. Achieving quality is essential to meeting regulatory and compliance obligations and customer expectations.

Several manufacturing companies all over the world are using tools like the ETQ Reliance EQMS platform to streamline this process in a more effective way.

This blog will help you guide the advantages of eQMS over QMS.

Everything at One Place

A quality eQMS can provide an overview of all processes, services, and products in a way that a paper-based QMS never can, often from a central dashboard.

Monitor The Whole Progress

In an eQMS, many forms of data can be collected from processes, facilitating KPI progress analysis. Additionally, progress monitoring enables more accurate decision-making at the corporate level.

Allow and Monitor Modification

Without understanding your metrics early on, you can’t improve. Even if not, how do you know you’re getting better? Data from an eQMS is critical for both enabling and monitoring improvement.

Fast and Easy Audit

Audits will be completed faster and more accessible to all parties involved if company procedures are available from anywhere in the cloud and have built-ins such as automated action logs and instantly searchable documents. Additionally, an eQMS can offer you a transparent audit trail under 21 CFR 11 that is always traceable. Since firms may be subject to many types of audits, including internal, external, and supplier audits, audits can be conducted on-site or remotely.

Enhance Inter-Departmental Communication

A complete knowledge base makes it easier for each department to carry out its responsibilities efficiently and independently, but it also improves departmental communication. For example, back-and-forth emails with attached document scans will end soon!

Streamlined Processes

Different processes, such as CAPAs, document control, and complaints, are seamlessly integrated into the eQMS configuration so that changes in one process should be synchronized with others in real-time.

Store Business History

The entire history of business transactions is logged and stored in a highly secure location, including the logged information.

Increase Team Morale

Task pipeline efficiency will be increased, and team morale will be higher if unnecessary frustrations and bottlenecks are removed. Finding essential information by spending hours combing through paper is neither efficient nor enjoyable. SOPs and task guidelines are easy to distribute. Standard procedures bring everyone up to speed quickly.


The choice is not between an eQMS, cloud-based,or a paper-based QMS. However, switching to a cloud-based system can be intimidating because of several alternatives available.

Start your search by focusing on an eQMS that knows your industry. Then review pricing options and key features such as specific user roles, automation, customization, customer support, and integration. Ensuring that your next eQMS is fully compliant with the latest standards is particularly important if you operate in a highly regulated sector such as life sciences.

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