The best co-op games to play on the weekend

When the end of the working week comes, many people want to have a good time and have fun playing with friends.

Co-op gives you the opportunity to play with friends against a common enemy, rather than compete against each other. This genre allows you to build gameplay on the commonwealth, mutual assistance and following a common goal.

The main advantages of a cooperative game is a clear sense of mutual assistance and joint achievement of results in the game. When it comes to a survival shooter, surviving a difficult attack, or finding good equipment and using it to win a match is inspiring and inspiring.

Real co-op is felt in difficult conditions and in obviously losing situations, but when the match begins to gradually change in your favor, you will want to play in the company again and again.

Games to play with friends:

  • Diablo 4
  • Apex Legends

Diablo 4

The continuation of the iconic Diablo, which is currently in beta testing, but this does not stop you from buying early access, creating one of 5 characters, assembling a fireteam and trying out the storyline before the official release.

You can prepare for the official release and get a strong hero before your friends in order to get a boost at the start and be able to help your friends at the start of the game – pass on the loot, weapons, power-up stones. To prepare, you can buy diablo 4 boosting from professional Skycoach players, who will go through the entire seat line and transfer a character ready for highlv play. Everything obtained during the hunt will remain with the player. The status of the transaction can be tracked in real time on the website.

You choose your hero, for whom you will go through the entire story campaign and then participate in battles for groups and constant battles with strong bosses to loot sets and legendary equipment to greatly strengthen the hero in battles.

Which hero should you choose in Games?

  • Barbarian – melee combat, high defense, rage buildup to power up attacks, and a wide variety of weapons to use with power and experience buildup for every melee weapon you can find.
  • Mage is a ranged combat class with a choice of one of three schools of attacking and weakening magic. Strong ranged combat and mass attacks, dependent on mana, has weak physical defense. Ideally, one of the players in the group should be a magician, for a combination of physical and magical damage in combat conditions.
  • The Rogue is a mixture of melee and ranged fighter, which is a combined class from past versions – a rogue, a dagger, a demon hunter and an amazon.
  • The Necromancer is one of the strongest classes in the game. Operates with the dead, forcing them to fight on his side. It has two important parameters – corpses and essence. Every time monsters die around the caster, this gauge replenishes and allows you to use the Raise Dead skill to fight on the side of the necromancer. Essence is filled with simple attacks and is needed to combine offensive and defensive magic. The class is simple and strong enough to take into service with your fireteam.
  • Druid is a class summoner and master of animals, with the ability to turn into one of them. Strong and self-sufficient class. If you turn into a bear, you can deal strong but slow physical damage, and turning into a werewolf will bring a significant increase in movement speed. The character can combine melee and ranged attacks, use animals and deal great damage to bosses – not as demanding on damage and armor as on summoning indicators – these are points of levels of summoned pets that affect their attack strength, duration and health level.

Apex Legends

Get together with a group of friends and play Apex Legends, a fast-paced battle royale shooter from EA Games that took the best of PUBG and added more action, active and easy-to-find weapons and an agent system with unique skills.

The Games does not make much difference how many you are – two, three, or four. The project will select the appropriate match for you.

You can play a ranked match for in-game badges and a reward and level system, or play regular, no-nonsense matches for your own enjoyment.

The essence of Apex Legends is based on the principle of landing on the game map, searching for weapons, killing all players not from your squad with a constant narrowing of the game map. The unit that remains the last survivor will win.

There are many agents in Apex with their own unique skills and benefits for squads – let’s consider the most useful and relatively easy for beginners.

Lifelane is a combat medic and drone controller. Can fire, reanimate an ally with the help of a drone and not with his own hands, and generate first-aid kits that will replenish the health of all members of the group.

Octane is a robotic shooter with a high regeneration rate, which means that all wounds after the battle will recover on their own, without the need to use first-aid kits.

Bastion is a defensive type shooter with a high armor rating, the ability to set up a blocking shield that prevents damage from passing through a direct trajectory from active protection. You can still go around the arrow, or throw a grenade – be careful. The second feature of the class is the ability to use artillery for massive shelling of a small area, smoking out enemies from shelters.

Bloodhunter is a character who is able to conduct reconnaissance and identify targets even with a high level of disguise. An excellent tracker and shooter, he can temporarily highlight the target and allow the rest of the squad to deal increased damage on it.

This is just a small part of the heroes in Apex Legends that you can combine within the squad as you wish. Your main task is to have different tools to win – attack and defense. Be able to quickly attack the enemy, smoke out of cover and be able to replenish health and ammunition after a difficult battle.

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