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edible printer

Do you ever wonder about those gorgeous cakes and cookies you see in the mart? Often, you might have questioned yourself about the beautifully printed images on the lovely cakes. Not only are those images for beautification, but also for an incredibly yummy and delightful taste. All this is possible because of an edible printer. 

In case you are unfamiliar with the concept, this article provides a complete insight into the working and management of an edible printer. So, here is a complete beginner’s guide for you.

What is an Edible Printer?

An edible printer is a device that transfers pictures with edible food colors onto a thin piece of edible paper. This way, any printed image appears on a cake, cookie, or another food item.

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Applications of an Edible Printer

An edible printer finds its application in hotels, food and beverage factories, restaurants, food shops, printing shops, advertising industries, food surface printing, and so on. 

It provides printed images for cakes, cookies, bread, coffee, biscuits, icing sheets, and wafer papers. The printing content can be colorful pictures, animated images, or selfie photos.

Mechanics of an Edible Printer

An edible printer can be of different types and support various functionalities. It uses edible ink. Its core components can be a motor, pump, or board, depending on the type of printer. They can print on multiple paper sizes, such as A4, A5, B5, LTR letters, or customized papers. 

Some printers also use computerized systems for their support. They can use USB 2.0 for their ink system with high resolution and Windows 7, 8, and 10 support. Their features include high efficiency and multifunctional support.

Can I use Regular Printer as an Edible Printer?

If it is one of the questions in your head right now, we have an answer for you. Remember: there is a reason why there is a difference between an edible printer and a normal printer. If at all, you can only use Canon or Epson printers to do so. Canon printers support cleaning print heads, while Epson doesn’t have this option.

However, if you are using a regular printer for this purpose, remember your ink cartridges may get stained for further use. Even if you have both kinds of printers in your home or office, be careful to keep their accessories at a distance from each other.

Edible Printer Cleaning Solution

To clean your edible printer, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Remove the print head from the printer.
  • Soak the print head in slightly warm water.
  • Let it stay in the water overnight or for notable hours until it turns out clean and spotless.

Best Edible Printer 2022

There are many edible printers for sale in the market. Their prices range from $200 to more than $6000. They are available online and offline. 

First, you have to consider your reason to buy the edible printer. You can purchase a giant multifunctional edible cake printer for your cake shop or bakery, however, should opt for an affordable edible printer if it’s only for domestic use.

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