The most common questions from newbies about World of Warcraft

During its existence, WoW has stepped very far in terms of the development of the project, the release of add-ons and new bosses and raids.

But the more time the game exists, the more difficult it is for a beginner to understand all its mechanics. Today, we will discuss the most relevant tips for beginners in World of Warcraft.

Official server, or pirated

Despite the fact that the official WoW is paid, you should not immediately go to a pirate server. Servers not associated with Blizzard are not responsible for the safety of your data or your character. The game will have many bugs and shortcomings, because often a pirate is a stolen or downloaded version without improvements and improvements. A large staff of professional programmers is working on the official WoW, which cannot be said about a pirate.

You can play the official WoW for free up to level 20, this is quite enough to understand whether you like the game or not, and then think about buying a subscription.

Earn game currency honestly, or buy for an easy start

Gold in the WoW world plays a key role for leveling, learning skills and talents, and mastering professions.

Experienced players upgrade their new characters by flipping gold from the older character. Beginners have nowhere to get such a piggy bank, so they need to either patiently level up the character and earn gold with quests and professions, or buy WoW gold to simplify the start and path to the maximum level.

RMT is not a dishonest way to earn coins, because it does not affect the world balance of power on the server – a player can get gold and a game level, but not game skills and an understanding of the intricacies of his class.

Also, do not be afraid of gaming sanctions if you cooperate with a professional store with a good reputation. Such a store is responsible to customers and ensures the security of the transaction and gives guarantees for receiving the paid service.

Is it worth it to buy current add-ons right away

In the World of Warcraft, updates come out with notorious regularity. Each major update is paid separately, so a newbie does not have to buy all the add-ons right away. Please note that the add-on expands the gaming capabilities, and in games like World of Warcraft, they begin after reaching the maximum level. The player opens up new raids and farm zones.

Buy game time – a subscription to WoW. Play and get to the maximum level. You will understand whether you liked the game and whether you are ready to continue to spend your time on character development after the maximum level.

In WoW, at the maximum level, the game is just beginning.

Which server to choose for a comfortable start

WoW, has the mechanics of filling servers, new players will be automatically identified on the floor of empty servers to relieve the load from already crowded and simplify the start of the game for beginners.

But playing on an empty server is boring and for a quick introduction to the game it is recommended to pay attention to the server with the maximum load. Don’t be afraid of warnings about overcrowding and possible entry queues – in WoW this only happens when an update is released, and then infrequently.

How to determine the class and faction of the character

World of Warcraft has a trial mode available when you create a character.


  • Having a temporary subscription
  • Actual WoW

You create a character that will last three hours at level 110.

Trial characters have an almost complete restriction on any game activity except for self-learning skills and testing them on monsters.

In the mode, you can try out all existing classes and their specializations. This will help the beginner to choose a character for personal preferences. The benefit of WoW is quite balanced and there will be no problems with the fact that the class is pleasant, but in the game it is useless.

A little advice – always in unfamiliar games try to start as a damage dealer – a character sharpened for damage, you will always have time to create a new healer or tank. In the beginning, choose a simple character who will be easy to complete quests and is in demand in the raid even without special gaming skills.


Beginners have a fairly extensive pool of questions when starting in WoW.

For a comfortable game, it is recommended not to save and buy a subscription on the official server, in order to avoid glitches, or a chance to lose a character.

Don’t be afraid to donate a little to start the game if it’s hard to get gold at first.

Choose fraction and class consciously, but still according to personal preferences, and not based on advice on the forum or friends. You must enjoy playing as a character.

I hope these tips help you – be a good player and have fun. Good luck!

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