Tips for Throwing the Ultimate Super Bowl Party

The NFL may be the US’s most popular sports league and home to some of the world’s most profitable sports teams, but not everyone gets excited about Super Bowl season. Each February, the league’s top team from both its conferences face off in a final championship game. 

But some might know the Super Bowl more for its entertainment value than anything else. Instead of watching to see which team will take home the Lombardi Trophy, they might be attending a viewing party to watch the halftime show and its reel of brand new big-brand commercials. 

Others might attend a Sunday Funday party just to spend time with friends. After all, the Super Bowl is on par with Thanksgiving in terms of how much food consumers buy and eat on a single day, and many invite more than a dozen friends. Regardless of why you’re throwing a viewing party, it’s important to cater to all your guests.

Make Football Simple for Non-Sports Fans

There’s a reason the NFL hasn’t taken off in countries outside North America: it’s considered complicated and slow compared to sports like the NBA and NHL. However, those who do enjoy the sport tend to be fanatical about their favorite teams and players. They’ll cite statistics and analyze the action just like broadcasters on TV. 

It can be a lot to keep up with—even for regular NFL fans. One way to make sure that your party goers understand the full context of the game is to provide them a handy breakdown of the teams competing, along with Super Bowl betting odds from sportsbooks. Both will help your guests understand what is at stake.

For example, last year, sportsbooks had selected the Buffalo Bills, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Kansas City Chiefs as favorites to win the 2022 Super Bowl. However, the LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals ultimately ended up in the championship game. By providing your guests a quick breakdown of the NFL’s playoff results, non-NFL fans can understand the context of the game much better.

Highlight the Halftime Show & Commercials

Giving your guests a breakdown of the NFL teams competing in the big game might not be enough to get everyone in the football spirit. No need to worry—the Super Bowl is designed to be entertaining for those without even a passing interest in football. And it all comes down to the halftime show.

Be sure to highlight the game’s halftime offerings with unique activities. This could be as easy as letting guests guess which big brands will show their commercials first, and which will be the most entertaining. Keep in mind that the same sportsbooks that offer Super Bowl odds tend to offer Super Bowl ‘prop’ bets.

Prop bets cover certain types of wagers that don’t have to do with sporting outcomes. For example, you can wager on how many outfit changes the halftime performer will have. If most of your guests can’t be bothered with football, focus on these types of activities.

Set Up the Perfect Viewing Space

When it comes to setting your Super Bowl party up for success, nothing is more important than space. The ultimate viewing setup provides enough space for all of your guests to pack around the TV, combining foldable chairs and couches. If needed, clear out your living room to make sure everyone can sit down and see the TV comfortably.

However, one of the most important elements of a Super Bowl party is food (covered in more detail below). Don’t forget to prioritize table space so that guests can eat and watch the game at the same time. By making sure there’s an accessible coffee table or end table, you can use dishes and plates instead of paper plates.

Revolutionize Your Finger Food Menu

As mentioned above, there’s a ton of emphasis on food on Sunday Funday. In particular, Americans opt for finger foods like chicken wings, sliders, chips and dip, loaded potatoes, and fried foods of all types. It’s always good to cover the basics, as guests will be expecting classics like chicken wings and cheesy dips.

Don’t be afraid to put a spin on older classics. In fact, some hosts ask for guests to bring the basics just like a pot-luck party. That leaves them the time and energy to focus on creating unique dishes that others may not have seen at a Super Bowl party before.

Here are a few twists on old classics:

  • Skip the chili dip and opt for homemade chili, perfect for a winter day
  • Use your air fryer to serve up sweet potato fries
  • Create a fresh corn and black bean salsa for healthier dipping options
  • Fry pickles to surprise guests with a new fried and salty treat
  • Create unique dipping options for chicken wings, like lemon pepper and chili lime

Make a Sport of It

Above, we mentioned creating handy football breakdowns to help guests understand what’s at stake in the big game, along with halftime show activities that will engage non-sports fans. This type of attention to detail is what will make your party stand out for every invitee. But going above and beyond might take a little bit of extra work. 

Beforehand, consider creating a prediction slip for guests. A prediction slip is a simple way to everyone to forecast certain outcomes, whether related to which team will win the big game or which commercial will hit the right note with audiences. By putting this pool together, you invite everyone to actively participate in the festivities, including football buffs who might be glued to the screen and non-NFL fans who might be slightly confused. 

Some hosts even go the extra mile by then tabulating their guest’s predictions once the game has concluded to determine who was the most accurate. Whether related to football, commercials, or halftime performance, it’s a great way to end the evening. Keep in mind that many retailers sell fake Lombardi Trophies that you can hand out to guests.

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