Travel Nurse Skills for NICU:

Approximately 40,000 infants are born with a weight below average, alone in the United States. As a result of technological advancements in the medical industry and the efforts of doctors and nurses who provide care to such babies, their survival rate is ten times better than it was 15 years ago.

The nurses who care for newborn babies born with various health conditions such as prematurity, infection, congenital disabilities, etc., are called neonatal nurses. They undergo specialized training, earn certifications and pass various educational levels. However, some additional skills are also required to become a successful neonatal nurse if they work as travel nurses. This article will cover most of the extremely helpful skills in travel nurse specialties.

  1. Strong Communication Skills

Parents are the most affected individuals when they hear the devastating news of their baby’s health. Neonatal nurses are in regular contact with them; thus, strong communication skills are essential. It allows them to establish trusting relationships with the newborn’s family and support them in the hard times while clearly making them aware of their infant’s condition. The neonatal nurse should also be able to converse clearly with the doctor to have a negligible chance of error in working.

  1. Attention to Detail

Premature infants undergo rapid development. Neonatal nurses’ attention to detail ability helps them understand every stage of the baby’s development. They should be able to recognize minor changes that can lead to major health concerns and tell the doctor about them. Since babies aren’t able to communicate, a neonatal nurse is often the first to spot any potential complications.

  1. Breastfeeding Experts

Parents get to care for their young ones in the NICU only at the time of breastfeeding. A neonatal nurse needs to be an expert in breastfeeding so that there is no chance of error when the parent does so.

  1. Manual Dexterity

Babies move erratically, so neonatal nurses should be able to handle them gently. They must have nimble fingers to administer necessary care to them. Nurses can care for infants more quickly and work more efficiently with good hand dexterity.

  1. Making Quick Decisions

As you know, neonatal nurses care for infants having severe health complications; thus, they should have the ability to make quick decisions to avoid the problems becoming more dangerous. Infants have a weak immune system; therefore, they are vulnerable to diseases and infections. Making quick decisions in the NICU can help save a delicate life when such a critical situation comes.

  1. Passionate for Their Job

Being passionate about their job is a fundamental skill required for most travel nurse specialties because it gives them the zeal to work. Caring for critically ill babies is physically and emotionally demanding. The nurse should be able to handle the situations in the NICU effectively. Having a passion for the job provides them with emotional resilience to support the parents in dealing with the loss.


Travel nursing is a fantastic career; however, it is pretty demanding as well, especially if you are a neonatal nurse. Possessing the six skills mentioned above will help you perform your duties effectively in the hour of need.

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