What Channel Does PBS Have On Directv?

I remember watching PBS for hours during the summer holidays because the historical and scientific content had me hooked. So when we switched our subscription to another network recently, I was quick to find out what channel is PBS on Directv. 

Directv has channel lineups and packages that cover most genres of entertainment but PBS still stands out as one of my favorites. 

Directv Offers PBS Channels In All Regions Across The US 

You will be able to view PBS local channels everywhere in the US. Moreover, PBS is included in all the plans that Directv has. To clear any ambiguity, we would still recommend that you contact Directv providers in your area to confirm PBS local channel inclusion in the plan. 

Similarly, PBS Kids is part of Directv plans in all regions of the US. If you go for the base channel package i.e. Entertainment, it will cover PBS, PBS Kids, and most of the other local channels in the plan. If you are not getting PBS on your list, check the following: 

  • Go through your monthly bill to confirm that you are on the plan that offers PBS local channels. 
  • Request Directv to upgrade your plan if you currently don’t have an appropriate one. 
  • Check how much your monthly bill will change once you change the package. 

PBS Channels Is Famous Primarily For News and Educational Content 

Genres options that are most prominent here are definitely news and educational shows but PBS does have other streaming content that you can check out. Some of the shows that are most popular include:

  • Downton Abbey 
  • Nature 
  • Sanditon 
  • Sesame Street

You can stay up to date with the content by adding reminders to your account for when new episodes air or before a new show starts on the channel. It also has a schedule section under the channel guide where you can see when a particular show runs or when it will be re-run for previous episodes. 

PBS Channel on Directv Is Found At Number 389

Obviously, the channel will only become available to you once you have the right plan with PBS included. 

You can watch PBS on Directv by tuning into channel number 389 in most regions. Other than that, you can stream the channel online. If the channel isn’t present on 389, please check number 30 instead. The channel number may also vary depending on the city or state you are in. We could not cover all the regions but here are the expected channel numbers for some prominent states.

  • Channel number 10 in Birmingham. 
  • Channel number 8 in Phoenix. 
  • Channel number 24/50/58 in Los Angeles. 
  • Channel number 11/20/56 in Chicago. 
  • Channel number 20/30 in Indianapolis. 
  • Channel number 15/68 in Louisville.
  • Channel number 11 in Des Moines

For viewers who are having trouble finding the right channel number, going through the channel guide might help. It will let you know which PBS channels are available and where on the Directv cable service. 

Later on, you can add the channel to your list of favorites so you don’t have to search for it again and again. You also would not need to remember the channel number afterward. 

You Have Multiple Options When It Comes to Where You Can Stream PBS Local Channels 

You will be amazed to find out the PBS local channel streaming options that you have. In addition to viewing the channel over the internet using the PBS video app, PBS website, or PBS passport, here are some other methods to watch it:

  • It is available as a Prime Video Channel as long as you have the Prime Video subscription to watch it live. 
  • Another option is to use the Directv Stream which lets you stream the channel for free. However, you need to have an active Directv subscription. 
  • You can get a Directv or PBS app on both devices, Android and Apple for high-quality channel streaming. 

There is also paid content on the channel but you will not have access to that as long as you are viewing it for free. PBS will let you know when you try to play any content that is paid. You can then choose whether to go for it or not.  

Other Networks Offer Content Similar To That of PBS 

You may think that content available on PBS wouldn’t be found anywhere else but that is not completely true. Despite the great lineup that it offers, other networks provide the same quality of shows like other platforms twitch. You can even explore different genres here. Some of these are: 

  • ABC
  • CBS
  • CW
  • Fox
  • NBC

All of these channels are available on Directv. However, they may not be part of the current package that you are using. Check with Directv customer support service to confirm which packages include some of these options as alternatives to PBS. Then change or upgrade your plan as per the requirements. 


On Which Channel Number Can I Find PBS On Directv In 2021?

The channel is available on number 30 or 389. The channel number may vary depending on the city or state that you are in. 

Which Channel Are PBS Kids On Directv?

PBS Kids channel is present on channel 228 on Directv. 

Can I Get A Directv Channel Guide For Help?

Yes. You can get access to channel guides to find channels and content, and even figure out when a particular show runs. This is available on both, Directv Stream and Satellite. 

What Is Channel Number 39 on Directv?

It can vary depending on the state you are in. For example, San Diego viewers will get NBC on channel number 39 but this may not be true for someone who is watching in Los Angeles. 

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