What to Remove from Your Bedroom to Sleep Better

Most people are looking for what to add to their lives to make them feel better. But is everything you have in your bedroom a must-have? Is there a way what you have is affecting your sleep? You are not alone if you are unsure what should stay and what to take out in your bedroom to improve your sleep quality and quantity. The bedroom can have a lot that is unnecessary, and it should be a space of maximum comfort to ensure you recharge well after a long day. Below are things to remove from your sleeping space to get better sleep. 

Worn out mattress 

A good mattress is vital if you want to change your sleep quality. However, high-quality mattresses that are supportive and comfortable can break down after years of use. Therefore, check if your mattress type is over the seven-year mark and if it has signs of wear. If so, it is time to upgrade to these best mattresses for less to ensure you get a mattress that supports you well and keeps your spine in proper alignment. A worn-out mattress leads to lingering aches and pain throughout the day. And, you are not comfortable while in bed, so remove an unsupportive mattress out of your bedroom. 


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If you always carry work home, keep it out of your bedroom to sleep better. Answering emails in bed or taking work calls while in bed is a poor bedroom habit. People today have busy lives. Therefore, getting adequate sleep is vital, but work-life most times has a way to come between you and your quality sleep. Also, this can affect your relationship if you have a partner that you sleep with in the same bed. Another poor result is it brings a lot of anxiety and stress, and it is not ideal for quality sleep. When you allow your workspace into your bedroom, it becomes a habit, and you associate your bed with work. Thus, create boundaries to get the best sleep. So, remove work stuff from your bedroom if this is a habit you have. 


Most people love their pets around them everywhere, but even though you do not get them out of your bedroom entirely, at least remove them from your bed. Pets are a great part of the family, and we want them around all the time. But, having them with you in bed is a mistake as it affects your sleep. Pets, especially furry friends, bring a lot of dander, dirt, and allergens. This alone affects your sleep as you start sneezing and itching at night. Plus, remove them from the bed to get space in your bed. Even smaller pets take up a surprising amount of space in your bed. 


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It is difficult to sleep at night in a cluttered and untidy room. This is because such a room causes stress. Also, it feels like a lingering to-do list, and it is unsightly. It is distracting and stressful to try falling asleep while clutter is all around you. So, before bedtime, ensure you tidy the room to feel refreshed and relaxed. A tidy and clean bedroom is a happy sleep environment.


Among all the tips, this is harder to do. It is easier to sleep with kids than fight them back to their beds. But, once you get your children to sleep in their beds, you start to sleep better. But, excepting during an illness one night or nightmare another night. In this way, you will greatly increase your sleep quality, for there are no flying arms or kicking feet in your bed. Also, you get closer to your partner with no kids keeping you apart. 


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Smartphones have many functions, and people find them handy. But, it is time to go back to the alarm clock days instead of using the phones. Smartphones have an unlimited amount of entertainment and can disrupt your sleep habits. The blue light that phones and other devices emit causes you to stay alert and make falling asleep difficult. Thus, it is better to have your smartphone in another room during bedtime. 

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